Choosing A Vintage Style Engagement Ring

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Vintage style engagement rings are a popular choice for brides who love the romantic Victoria era or the ornate settings of antique design. Vintage style engagement rings can be true antiques or they can be modern creations fashioned after the old style rings of another era.

Finding a Vintage Style Engagement Ring

There are jewellery designers who will create a vintage style engagement ring for you from a new design. They may already have several on display or in their portfolio from which you can choose. However, if you want to find a genuine antique diamond ring, you can often find them at estate sales and auctions.

The Internet has made accessing estate sales and auctions from all around the world easily accessible to couples anywhere. You need to be careful of some online auctions and choose to deal only with the most well-known and reputable auction sites. You are dealing with an expensive item that could easily be represented as something it is not online. Good auction sites with authenticate it’s buyers and sellers and provide a means for users to rate and comment on the goods and services they have received.

If you find a vintage style setting at an auction or estate sale and don’t think the diamond is up the size or quality, it is easy enough to replace it with a new diamond of your choice. Since diamonds can be purchased as loose stones, separate from any setting, you don’t need to limit your purchase of a vintage style engagement ring simply because you don’t like the stone.

You don’t even need to limit yourself to rings that were previously engagement rings. You can choose any ring setting you like and turn it into your own custom engagement ring. Other jewellery works well for this idea too. Large vintage earrings can be fashioned into a ring, have a diamond set it them and then they instantly become one of the most beautiful vintage style engagement rings.

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