How To Know Whether You Will Be Successful Or Not

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Did you know that… you can instantly know whether you will be successful or not?

All of us want to be successful, but there is a big difference between what we want and what we have.

Today, I will give you the clue to know whether what you are doing now in your life will lead you to a successful future or not.

You will not be anymore moving around without confidence in what your future will be. You will know without any doubt whether you are on the right track or you are moving towards a disappointing future.

Here is the secret revealed by Michael Korda: “Your chances of success are directly proportional to the degree of pleasure you derive from what you do.”

Yes, your success in life is measured by the degree of pleasure you are experiencing with what you are doing.

No real success can be achieved without loving what you do. You can only really excel when you love what you do, you can’t achieve maximum performance until you love what you do, and you will not have enough motivation to persist on your goals without loving what you do.

If you hate what you do now, whatever it is, then you have very low chances of success.

Just think of it.

I know that you may tell me, “What can I do? I am in a college that I hate but must finish?” or “I have a job that I can’t leave due to a lot of responsibilities; especially financial ones”

I agree with all of that and will not tell you to go now and leave what you are doing whatever it is because you will not be successful at the end.

What I want to tell you is that you must be on a path where you love what you do. And to do that you have to start now to define your life purpose.

Defining your life purpose is the first step towards a satisfactory and successful life. You have to know the path that will let you live with passion and make a difference to other people’s life.

When you discover your life purpose you will have the power to do little changes, one at a time, until you are aligned with the right direction; the direction of your life purpose and your ultimate destiny.

You will not change your path in a night. But you can start now under your current situation doing the necessary preparation and doing very small changes that will build up and at a certain time with another small change you will be on the right track.

Here is the secret again “Your chances of success are directly proportional to the degree of pleasure you derive from what you do.”

Past is past. Search for your life purpose now to survive your future and live with passion.

Don’t you agree with me that you will only succeed when you do what you love?

My friend you can make a difference.

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