Learn To Counter The Techniques Of Other Martial Arts As Well As Unskilled Attacks

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Hapkido was first used by a group of Korean nationals in the period after the Japanese colonial era of Korea. Choi Yong Sul and his students; Suh Bok Sub, who was the first student of the art, Ji Han Jae promoter of the art, Kim Moo Hong, Myung Jae Nam who forged a the connection […]

The Martialarm Introduction To Hapkido

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Hapkido practitioner becomes well-versed in many kicks, punches, and blocks. From Aiki-Jujitsu (the predecessor of Aikido) it gets most of its grappling techniques. Hence, the Hapkido practitioner spends an equated volume of time learning techniques such as throws and joint locks. The advantage of studying Hapkido versus studying one striking style and one grappling style […]