Travel In Italy Free Island Guide Of Ischia For Families

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Ischia is a volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples. For a short visit, a week-end, a city break, these free pocket guides are useful printable and downloadable tools available online. Ischia has a population of nearly 58,000 people. In the Ischia Island guide students, families and […]

Cheap Travel To Russia And Some Important Things You Should Know Make A Good Decision

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Russia might not be a good choice for most travelers who want to visit Europe. With its questionable peace and order situation particularly in the regions of Chechnya, the Communist rule impression still resides to most, and frigid climate throughout the country especially during the winter, Russia should be uninviting for most. But that was […]

Disney Vacation With Kids

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The one dream that parents in America have, is to take their children for a trip to the Disney World in Florida. The vacation at times proves very difficult on the parents as they need to save through the year to be able to spend on the trip to the resort and then there are […]

Derby City Guide Including Derby Hotels

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Introduction: Derby holds a great appeal for those visitors in search of unspoilt tradition and character. In the shadow of the ornate Cathedral tower lies a great multi-cultural city bursting with a wealth of entertainment venues, attractions, parks and shops. Derby is perfect for those in search of a short break, whatever their needs. Places […]

Last Minute Travel Made Easy

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The growth of the Internet and budget airlines has turned last-minute flights into a huge industry – you can just be surfing around, and then, right there, there’s a flight cheap enough for you to buy on impulse and go away this weekend. If you’re thinking about booking last minute flights, however, there are a […]

Smart And Safe Travel Tips For The Business Woman

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Women today travel constantly and that too all over the world. Most manage to successfully juggle a professional life with a private one. Statistics reveal that almost 50% of business travelers are women and the number continues to grow each day. Travel at short notice means being organized and ready to go. Be smart and […]

Tired Of The Same Old Hotels

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If you’re tired of the same old cookie cutter hotels when you travel maybe it’s time you spiced up your stays with some unique hotel ideas that will make your trip more memorable. Make note of any interesting hotels you come across while surfing the Web or watching TV. When traveling pick up any brochures […]

Dining In Chiang Mai Thailand Vs North America

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Foreigners love their hamburgers, French fries, soft drinks and Thai’s just have to have rice with every meal. But which would I prefer after living most of my life in Canada and now having retired to Chiang Mai, Thailand? As with any large city there are an abundance of fine restaurants catering to different tastes […]

Best Tool Finding Last Minute Vacation Special

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If you share passion for travel then a last minute vacation special is for you! The vacationers best tool for finding a last-minute cruise is their travel agent. iNet VacationYour resource for finding great last minute travel deals worldwide Rolandomio TravelSave up to 70% on last minute holidays and golf vacation packages. You too, can […]

Know Before You Go On Your Trip Overseas

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There is much that you can do to prepare for your trip abroad, depending on where you are going, how long you are staying, and your reasons for traveling. The following suggestions and sources may be useful: Do your homework and read as much as possible about the countries in which you plan to travel. […]

Shopping Throughout Asia Find Hidden Treasures Among The World S Finest Clothing And Jewelry

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In between climbing pagodas and snapping pictures of golden goddesses, most travelers to Asia take time to visit the shopping districts. The quality and selection of designer clothing and extravagant items found in shops across Asia will not disappoint those with a penchant for luxury goods. From China to India, great buys are available for […]

Goa Holidays

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Goa, the smallest of the Indian states, lies on the west coast of India. It is one of India’s major tourist destinations; over a million tourists, mostly from abroad, visit Goa annually. This state with an area of a little over 3000 sq. km. enjoys a coastline of more than 100 km. Its western flank, […]

Surviving Your First Overseas Flight

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The big day has arrived – a holiday in a far away foreign country. You are all packed and ready to go. You have your passport, plane ticket, and some way to pay for your next few weeks. You are nervous an anxious and ready to go. Here are a few pointers to make your […]

7 Tips For Travel Trips

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We love taking trips, whether it’s a short road trip, or a longer trip by air to some distant exotic place. But all too often we fail to plan for our trip and the result is frustration and annoyance. 1. For road trips, get the right maps and plan your route thoroughly. Everything won’t go […]

Pattaya Over Payers

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Many foreign tourists make the mistake of paying too much for anything and everything when they go to Thailand. This especially holds true in Pattaya. The main problem is that they tend to compare the prices of hotels, food, drink and anything else to what it costs back in their hometown. This can be costly […]

10 Time Tested Tips For Traveling With Toddlers

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Traveling with toddlers can be torture. New sights and sounds can be overwhelming to a young child and vacation excitement can quickly turn into temper tantrums if you’re not prepared. Here are 10 parent-practiced tips to help make traveling with toddlers fun. 1. Choose a family-friendly destination. Skip the crowded tourist destinations and opt instead […]

Discount Travel Package

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A discount travel package allows you to visit your favorite destinations at lower than normal rates. In short you dream vacation with your family is no more a dream, it has come alive. Being able to travel cheaply does not mean that you will always get the best deal. Therefore, it becomes very important to […]

Time For Summer Here Are The Top 20 Pool Tips To Ensure All Your Family And Friends Safety

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* A person must learn to swim and always swim with a buddy, never swim alone. * Swim in areas accompanied my a lifeguard. * Be observant and read and obey all pool rules and posted signs. * Children or beginner swimmers should wear a floatation device in and around the water. * Set water […]

Life Without Plastic In Thailand

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I was a soldier stationed in Bangkok, Thailand back in the early 1970’s. Not always having a bunch of money, I used to eat food from the local street vendors. Most of my meals were served wrapped in either a banana leaf or yesterday’s newspaper. Some meals were even served off of unclassified military paperwork […]

Thailand Tailors

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I see this question on many forums. Guys want to know if they should buy some tailor-made clothes in Thailand. My answer is yes, if you do it right. First off, it really doesn’t matter which tailor shop you go to. They are all basically the same and all they do is measure you and […]