Success Lessons From Baseball Enthusiasm And Excitement Can Make The Difference

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I remember, about 35 years ago, reading two books by Frank Bettger, the baseball player, about how enthusiasm made all the difference in his life. His books made a difference in my life at the time and are still well worth reading and re-reading. Probably the most famous of his books is “How I raised […]

Success Is Attitude Too

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This free course teaches many many successful concepts. I think this was an excellent course. That all should check it out. It shows what so many people miss when learning about marketing. In the course the writer spoke of how important that apositive attitude is. This is so very true. Many many people want to […]

The Root Cause For Procrastination

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Why is it that we as human beings often behave in ways that we don’t really want to? How often have you said or done something only to cringe at the thought of it afterwards? The truth is that your behaviour is mostly driven by your unconscious mind, especially behaviours that is hard to explain […]

Planning For Success

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Here are some general start-up tips for a successful home business. The first tip is a word of caution. It’s easy to think that because your home business can bypass the lease or construction aspects of starting a business, and the overhead costs of furnishing, maintenance, landscaping, utilities and so forth, that you can skip […]

Success Or Bust

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Success or Bust! We’ve all been driving down the road and seen those infamous signs in the back of all types of automobiles that say something like “Disneyland or Bust”. What does this mean? Basically, it means that those people are on their way to Disneyland and they will do absolutely anything no matter how […]

Key To Success

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Success… We all aspire to it, talk about it, envy those who achieve it, we think about it, fight for it. It is really worth it. Success comes with reaching our aims and it brings us incomparable satisfaction and happiness. That gives us a unique opportunity to be happy every day, if we achieve small […]

Take Action Developing Your Personal Power In As Little As 30 Days With These 15 Proven Steps

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What makes some people so energetic and admired that they become a magnet in attracting others to them. You know, the kind of person you enjoy being in their company. It has little to do with good looks, being abundantly wealthy, owning an expensive car, or wearing the latest fashion statement. Of course, these can’t […]

Plan Your Success

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“Now, Work Your Plan” Early in my career, I was told, “Most people have a business plan, but the problem is they don’t work their plan.” The same may be said of New Year resolutions. How many promises did you make to yourself and on how many of them will you follow through? One major […]

Breaking The Habit Overcoming Your Shyness

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Do you often feel uneasy in social settings? Do large gathering of people make you want to retreat back to the safety and solitude of your home? Do you often break out in a sweat or get nervous when at a large function? If any of these sounds familiar you probably are one of the […]

How Do I Manifest My Desires

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AutoResponder: If you are asking the question how do I manifest, then read this. Learning to manifest your desires is similar to learning to swim. So how is swimming similar to manifesting? Both manifesting and swimming requires total trust, i.e. letting go. In the case of manifesting, you need to let go of your […]

What Is Success Anyway

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Our society often makes the mistake of equating success with wealth. It’s not a surprise that we do this. After all, wealth has the advantage of being measurable. When we can measure something, we can rate how we’re doing versus everyone else. We love to compete with each other. But aside from providing us with […]

Napoleon Hill And Dan Pena Knew This Success Secret

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Napoleon Hill made more millionaires over his lifetime than anyone who came before him…even more than Andrew Carnegie. His book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ even today influences the minds of people all around the world. But how did Dr. Hill become so tremendous? So outrageously successful? At a very early age, he understood a very […]

What S Your Excuse

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Let’s say there is something you really want to do. It can be something big like moving to another part of the country or something small like taking an hour of time several times a week to pursue a hobby. The key point is it is something you’ve been saying you want to do for […]

Something About Habits

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No question big decisions are what determine the direction of our life, and, as such, they deserve maximum attention and commitment once taken. However, this evident truth should not bring us into the mistake of caring too little about the small decisions. I refer in particular to those small decisions that we repeat very often […]

Learn Earn Your Way To Financial Freedom Simple Step By Step Training Free 14 Day Trial Get It

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This Program is SCREAMING with Momentum… “Join My Team Now and I’ll Show You How To Earn Up To $10,000 Per Month by Simply “Giving Away” FREE Education That Helped a Homeless 21 Year-Old Earn $3,244,842.32 In Just 27 Months…” See Why Over 14,000 People In 146 Countries Have Jumped on Board… As you probably […]

Best Leadership Advice Business Success Secrets From 7 Top Leaders

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Fortune magazine once published an article entitled “The Best Advice I Ever Got.” It was a great article that offered wit and wisdom about achieving business success. I liked it so much, that it motivated me to produce my newest book, Leadership:Best Advice I Ever Got, which describes the best leadership advice 136 successful CEOs, […]

Miracles Are Your Responsibility

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Miracles are your responsibility! What does that mean? Simple…You have a responsibility to create miracles in your own life. The responsibility lies on your shoulders. You can’t blame anyone else, and you can’t look outside of yourself for someone else to create the miracles for you. In this article, I’m going to break down the […]