Web Development What Is Seo

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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the act of altering or optimizing your website and it’s content in order that search engines deem it to be relevant and useful to certain topics. You are able to select the most appropriate topics through the use of certain keywords in your website. When surfers conduct searches on […]

Broken Links Are Bad News For Webmasters

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A webmaster or website owner’s role or responsibilities do not end when the website he operates goes “live” and is now accessible by visitors online. There are a whole new set of responsibilities and functions that a website owner has to assume in order to make sure that his website continuously works perfectly and is […]

How To Get The Most Seo And Web Traffic Benefits From Blogging

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The best way to get people and search engines (which means more people) to your website is by getting relevant inbound links. If you have some spiffy new gimmick on your website this may be easy as everyone will be linking to you. However, with a basic, solid web page the process maybe much more […]

Google Patent Application Seo Highlights

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The recent patent application filed by Google details numerous items the search engine uses to rank web pages. The specific application is summarized as: “A method for scoring a document, comprising: identifying a document; obtaining one or more types of history data associated with the document; and generating a score for the document based on […]

Seo Guidelines Search Engine Marketing

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SEO guidelines also known as Search Engine Optimization set the rules used by major search engines like GOOGLE, Yahoo, and MSN, etc. to judge whether or not to include a website in their search engine results. Believe it or not , having your website included in Google results is not part of the Bill of […]

Seo Success On The World Wide Web

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When all is said and done, the only way that an Internet based business is going to thrive (even survive, in point of fact), is through ever increasing traffic to a particular Internet based venue. Traffic to a website is the key to the success of Internet business. One of the most effective methods of […]

Search Engine Keywords Selection

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Search engines are the vehicles that drive potential customers to your websites. But in order for visitors to reach their destination – your website – you need to provide them with specific and effective signs that will direct them right to your site. You do this by creating carefully chosen keywords. Think of the right […]

Over Optimization And The Google Sandbox

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So you put a lot of work into creating a really great website only to find that noone can find it and Google doesnt rank your site very highly. You hear about a thing called “search engine optimization” and decide to give it a try. Before you go adding your keywords to every element of […]

Introduction To Seo

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Over the last few years, search engine optimization (SEO) has been needed and used more and more, although it has been around for much longer than most people think. With new development tools being used to create websites that are heavy on Java, Flash and images, it’s important to have something that the search engines […]

The Future Of Search Engine Rankings

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How do you plan for future changes in search engine rankings? It would be great to have a crystal ball, prying into the plans of the search engines and how they may change weights of algorithms and the like. For those of little SE understanding, algorithms are formulas or rules set up by SE’s to […]

Google Best Search Engine Optimization Seo Practices Part 2

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The second part of this article will guide you through the important steps on how to on-page optimize sites in Google. If you have an existing site, use this as a reference to ensure that you are doing everything right. We review 5 more areas. Keyword research, the beginning. Start with 5-10 keyword phrases, create […]

Press Release Ideas

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Ask yourself what readers or a reporter will be interested in. Are you launching a web site? Is there an issue you can protest? Do you offer an apprenticeship or internship? Do you have an employee that is retiring? Have you won an award, contest or special certification? Are you introducing a new product or […]

Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important

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If your business is dependant on customers visiting your website, then you should take a second and ask yourself if you’re happy with the amount of business you’re receiving from your site. If the answer is yes and you’re overloaded with work, then you probably already had your site optimized or chose other means of […]

Search Engine Submission Companies In India

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In order to select the best search engine submission company, you have to know what to expect, and the minimum requirements for a successful search engine optimization strategy. We therefore recommend that you research about search engine optimization, in order to select the best positioning service, you have to know what to expect, and the […]

Google Algorithm Update Jagger

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This week we discuss the latest Google update, how it might affect your site, and how you can recover if your site lost its position as a result of this update. The Jagger update started over a month ago and lasted 3 weeks. The update included updating the PageRank of all spidered pages, updating the […]

Best Tips For Web Directory Submission Link Building Campaigns

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The buzzword of the hour is ‘SEO’. It has transformed the architecture of sites, brought about many new jobs, and is now considered vitally important for those that want to take their online operations to the next level. In its simplest form, search engine optimization (or “SEO”) is about doing everything you can to boost […]


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You buy a domain name, get your website up and running.So what now? Well you could just sit back and do nothing. Or you could start to market your website and get the word around about your new website and what you offer.So were to start and what to do and not to do when […]

Link Building For Seo On A New Site

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Ah, the joys of link building and search engine optimization. If you have a new site, here is a tip that you might want to consider. Then again, you may just want to pitch it. Link Building for SEO On A New Site Link building simply refers to an issue known as relevancy. When ranking […]