Is Solar Power The Immediate Answer To Our Energy Woes

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We are looking for an across-the-board solution for our present exorbitant consumption of gasoline and it seems as though there is none, at least for the present. We are looking at Ethanol additive to our present gasoline formulas, but this will only give us better miles per gallon and of course, much cleaner bi-products with […]

Is Switchgrass A Viable Energy Crop

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Switchgrass has long been a staple crop of farmers. It is used as fodder for farm animals, fuel, and electrical needs, as a buffer strip and soil erosion control. However, when President Bush introduced The Biofuels Initiative during his 2006 state of the nation address, he moved this native prairie grass’ use as an energy […]

Special Relativity Lite Simplified Version

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Scales of critical attacks and remarks addressing the well-known theory of special relativity have recently acquired so imposing a scope that it is right to speak about an approaching crisis. Gradually to an increasing number of scientists, the numerous imperfections of this theory and the dead state of the scientific methodology introduced by it become […]

Producing Energy From Geothermal Resources

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Geothermal energy is a platform tapping the inherent energy found within the Earth. Her is an overview of how the process works from a practical perspective. Producing Energy From Geothermal Resources There are several types of energy used in the world that are considered eco-friendly. These energy types include solar, which harnesses the power of […]

Ancient Astronauts And Contemporary Skepticism

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Over the course of the past year, I closely assisted a colleague in writing a series of ten articles covering diverse aspects of my ancient astronaut theory. All ten of those articles circulated widely around the globe and view counters on many sites indicated plentiful readership, but feedback to me, or to her, from anywhere, […]

Cassini Confirms Enceladus Plume Responsible For E Ring Of Saturn

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The Cassini-Huygens exploration of Saturn, a seven-year joint venture of NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Italian Space Agency, is realizing more surprising discoveries. In addition to discovering that Cassini is geologically active in contrast to its nearby neighbor Mimas, Cassini has now proven that it is Enceladus indeed that is responsible for the […]

What Are Telescopes

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Telescopes act as windows to the universe. It is with the help of telescopes that we can study the solar system and view the conjunctions of stars. Not just that, the various planets, galaxies, satellites and asteroids that we get to see only in the books and magazines are made more familiar to us via […]

The Bio Ethanol Fuel Dilemma A Qualitative Research

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ABSTRACT Bio-fuels are non-fossil fuels, produced from agriculture sources, residues, and waste. Bio-ethanol refers to ethanol produced from crops (e.g., corn-ethanol and sugar-ethanol) and from waste (i.e., biomass-ethanol). “The motivation for developing bio-ethanol as a transportation fuel is based on concerns about energy security, environmental quality, economic competitiveness, and stabilization of the agricultural sector.” (National […]

The Physicist With A Hangover Thought Experiment Illustrating Microcosmic Research

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Thought Experiment Illustrating Microcosmic Research (The physicist with a Hangover) I Assume that a certain physicist-experimenter has the task of determining the coordinates of a certain micro-particle on the X-axis at a determined instant, T1 with an arbitrary accuracy. Can this be accomplished? Generally speaking, in the act of measuring in the microcosm, there are […]

The Aurora Lights

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Lights in the sky have fascinated us for thousands of years. The lights in the far north and south of our planet are some of the more famous ones. What was in that Soup? Travel to Antarctica or the Arctic and you’ll start thinking you are having hallucinations. During the evenings, the sky will literally […]

How To Build A Rocket

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Rockets – They are one of the most enjoyable pyrotechnic devices. Small lightweight rockets can be made using Black powder, which is used popularly as rocket propellant and is easy to mix. We have explained the basic steps that can follow to make a simple rocket. First make the black powder mix. Use Potassium Nitrate, […]

Rishon Model Of Elementary Particles

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It has been proposed that the quarks and leptons consist of more fundamental particles called rishons. The T rishon may be defined as having mass and charge e/3. The V rishon is neutral and has little or no mass. The rishons have spin 1/2, carry color charge, and combine in triplets or rishon-antirishon pairs. Thus […]

Energy Conservation

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The Role We Can Each Play ========================= We can all play a part in lessening our reliance on fossil fuels. A- Use low-energy lamps such as CFL replacements for as many incandescent lightbulbs as possible in our home or apartment. B- Turn off all lamps in areas where they are not needed. C- Turn down […]

Peru Wants Archeology Back From Yale

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Rising proudly at over 7500 feet high ( 2300 meters ), Inca citadel of Machu Picchu was so inaccessible that the Spanish conquerors were never able to found it. But in 1911 Yale historian Hiram Bingham rediscovered it, and between 1912 and 1915, directed the National Geographic Society in a series of expeditions that ended […]

From The Atom To The Black Hole

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A black hole is a region of space with such intense gravity that nothing, not even light, can escape. This is the general understanding of the black hole. If gravity is still a phenomenon, how can we come to use this statement as if it was a fact? This is misleading. Besides, it is preventing […]

The Origins Of Biological And Chemical Warfare

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Chemical and biological warfare are not an invention of the 20th century. Solon (638-559 BC) used a strong purgative, the herb hellebore, in the siege of Krissa. During the 6th century BC, the Assyrians poisoned enemy wells with rye ergot. In the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC), the Spartans flung sulfur and pitch at the Athenians […]


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Biotechnology is not a new advancement in the area of science. It actually has been utilized for years, but was not significantly described as biotechnology. In its simple form, biotechnology means utilizing living organisms or their products to revise or change human health or the environment, or to run a process. Biotechnology itself is the […]

Hurricane Proof Computer

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Hurricanes cause billions of dollars in damage each year, including damage to computers. Unfortunately, computers can be much harder to replace if lost than other electronics because of the data contained on their hard drives and time spent tweaking and overclocking them. Being a Katrina evacuee and survivor myself, I know how important a computer […]

Malaria The Silent Killer A Simple Guide For Travellers

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What is malaria? Malaria is a very serious disease caused by protozoan parasites of the genus Plasmodium. Four species of the parasites produce the disease which is transmitted by the female anopheline mosquito. The most dangerous is P. falciparum. If untreated it can lead to fatal cerebral malaria. What are the symptoms? Flu-like symptoms: headaches, […]

Saving The World With Forensic Science

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Forensic Science is the application of science in forensic studies, the forensic part of forensic science implies that it is to be utilized in some form or another with a court of law and is relevant to legal proceedings. Forensic Science is rapidly progressing to the point that the science fiction of today could well […]