Getting Back To The Basics Of Love And Romance

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Almost every love story has the potential to begin as if it were a fairy tale. “Once upon a time, two people fell passionately in love and their love was unlike any others before theirs.” Relationship beginnings are wonderful and they can experience a ‘rebirth’ with a wedding, honeymoon and the exciting first year of […]

Relationship Renewal

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Relationship renewal day will be celebrated on 4th May. This is the day to renew and bring new freshness in relationships. What does this mean? Why do relationships go dull and bad some times? Can bad relationships be renewed? Let us talk about all these. Most of the relationships go through phases. In the beginning […]

Christian Roommates Finding The Right One

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When you first began looking for solid Christian roommates to live with, it seemed that you would never find anyone. You may have felt like the only Christian in your new neighborhood. But eventually you will discover a new problem. You will have to chose from a handful of potential roommates. If you’ve just started […]

Break Ups And Guilt

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How many break-ups also result in feelings of guilt amongst partners? Please take care of guilt before you break-up. Guilt can be a very damaging feeling and can make any life hell. Those who are full of guilt undergo lot of pain asking for forgiveness everywhere, but fail to forgive themselves. Why guilt? Guilt comes […]

Emotional Affair Or Friendship

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In a marriage, what are the limits for friendship with a member of the opposite sex? Who sets these limits? What is the difference between a friendship and an emotional affair? Is an emotional affair wrong? Does an emotional affair help the marriage by letting a partner vent out all emotional frustration, which otherwise he/she […]

Relationship Know Your Partners Values Beforehand

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We acquire our values from different sources. In the beginning our values are given to us by our parents. Speak truth, help others, do this and do not do that and things like that. After sometime, we get more values in our education. We read about values of great people and try to live by […]

Why Are Russian Women So Popular Learn The Secrets

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This topic has been debated many times but the question still exists: “Why do a lot of single men choose the finest Russian women, pretty girls, Russian ladies looking for men?” Frankly, I get asked this question a lot. What’s so special about a Russian woman? If you ask yourself these questions, you’ll probably find […]

Christian Roommates Keep Praying

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So you’ve found a group of Christian roommates to move in with. You now have a potentially wonderful center of support at your home. However, it’s up to you and your new roommates to take advantage of living with fellow Christians. If you don’t actively pursue God together, it will make no difference that you […]

Being Dumped Just Plain Sucks

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Hurricanes really suck. Even if they do not reach you, they still threaten your safety net. Florida survived last years attack of Mother Nature, so we are a little more courageous this year. Not much, but a little. I would love to meet the person that pissed her off (Mother Nature). Not only does she […]

The Powerful Secret To A Loving Relationship

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There are many factors that go into creating a loving relationship. Certainly it helps if two people have some things in common regarding how they like to spend their time. It also helps if they have common values around religion or spirituality, around politics, the environment, abortion, and personal growth. It helps if they both […]

Easy Tips To Have Happy Relationships

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Have you ever dreamed of having a magic to make your love last longer? If there is a magic, love will be all around, no more sorrow. Or maybe it’s just that some people learn secrets of success from their grandparents or other relatives or friends. And since the latter is probably more accurate, here […]

Infidelity Investigation Warning Signs Of Wife Infidelity And How To Catch The Cheater

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Definition of Infidelity According to the dictionary, infidelity means unfaithfulness to a sexual partner, and in layman terms this simply means that your girlfriend / wife or your boyfriend/husband could be cheating on you for someone else. No marriage, no matter how rich, religious, political or powerful, is immune to the threat of unfaithfulness, so […]

How To Propose Her Like A Gentleman

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It comes a moment in life when all of us, men, have to make the big step and ask the question; the proposal in marriage. This should be a memorable and delightful experience so you have to make it perfect. If you decided to ask the big question to your partner, you should know from […]

Baby Shower Invitations Feel The Arrival Of Your Expected One

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It’s not mandatory that a being a pregnant mom you need to sacrifice all your styles. It’s the baby shower ceremony knocking at your door. It’s a special one, which is just meant for your expecting one and need to be accomplished in style. That was the past when people love to choose traditional baby […]

Forgiving In Relationships

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In real life, law rarely forgives any wrong act. In most of the countries law is clear about punishment. We still hear a lot about forgiving in personal relationships. We are told to forgive the major blunders. We are asked to forgive and forget and continue living as if nothing happened. Does that work? To […]

What Does Love Mean See How 4 8 Year Old Kids Describe Love

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A group of professional people posed this question to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds: “What does love mean?” The answers they got were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined. See what you think… _____ “When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn’t bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather […]

The Spouse Mate Or Partner Of The Narcissist

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Question: What kind of a spouse/mate/partner is likely to be attracted to a narcissist? Answer: The Victims On the face of it, there is no (emotional) partner or mate, who typically “binds” with a narcissist. They come in all shapes and sizes. The initial phases of attraction, infatuation and falling in love are pretty normal. […]

The Meaning Of A Single Rose

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Many feelings can be expressed by flowers, and this non-verbal language is very popular nowadays. Each one of us has sent at least one message to someone with the help of a flower. Sometimes whole conversations between two lovers are spoken through flowers. The most meaningful flower of all is considered to be the red […]