Should Gold Mining Investors Consider Kilgore Minerals

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We wrote about Kilgore Minerals this past winter, because it holds prospective U.S. uranium properties. While studying the company, it became evident the company’s uranium would take a backseat to the company’s gold property in southern Idaho. We reviewed Robert Bishop’s commentary in his self-published Gold Mining Stock Report. Mr. Bishop is highly regarded as […]

Vix And The Psychology Of Markets

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We know that greed and fear rule the markets. But did you know that when investors gets too greedy, markets usually fall, and when investors are overcome with fear, markets usually rise. So how can when we monitor investors emotions and take advantage of investors emotional extremes? Welcome to the world of investor sentiment analysis. […]

New U S Mint Buffalo Coins Packaging A Nightmare

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When the U.S. Mint announced it was adding a .9999 gold bullion coin to its line of gold coins, it looked like a “golden opportunity” for the Mint to capture a big chunk of 24-karat gold coin market. When legislation was passed mandating that the new coin bear James Earle Fraser’s designs that graced the […]

Developing A Successful Trading Strategy

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Anyone who knows anything about stock trading or day trading has heard the term ‘trading strategy.’ A trading strategy is a simple concept – it’s basically the roadmap that a trader follows while trading the markets. A trading strategy is governed by a set of rules that do not deviate for anything other than market […]

What Type Of Investor Should I Be

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Getting started in the business of investing is much easier than it used to be. So is improving your returns if you already invest. No longer is the field restricted to the wealthy or large financial institutions. More and more these days every day people like mums, dads, students and even children are trying their […]

Investing Vs Trading What S The Difference

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There is a question which is sometimes asked by those new to the financial markets, and even occasionally debated by experienced participants. That question is how one differentiates between trading and investing. Because both trading and investing – when one considers them from the perspective of the financial markets – are performed in very similar […]

Investors May Not Be As Diversified As They Think

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When more than 1 million college graduates entered the work force last fall, they began the first of what could be seven job moves during a 40-year working career, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics1. In fact, according to a recent study by Fidelity Investments, one-third of today’s new work force could be compiling […]

Profitable Investing Goals The Number One Tip For Making Profitable Investments

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Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, and Tiger Woods were great for a reason, they had goals. The same is true of those entering the investment field, have a goal in your career and set your mind to reach that goal. Before even making your first transaction in the world of stock investing you should ask yourself, […]

4 Tips To Build A Successful Portfolio

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Walking through the financial maze of stocks, bonds and mutual funds can be quite a challenge. American Century Investments offers the following tips to give you the know-how on building a profitable portfolio. * Know your goals. Consider how much money you’ll need for your children’s education or your retirement. Whatever your vision for the […]

Stocks Vs Bonds Differences And Risks

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In the world of investments, you’ll often hear about stocks and bonds. They are both feasible forms of investment. They allow you the opportunity to invest your money with a specific company or corporation with the possibility of future profits. But how exactly do they work? And what are the differences between the two? Bonds […]

How To Find A Good Investment Property

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Rental real estate is slowly becoming a good investment endeavor although there are some skeptical few who still thinks that it’s a daunting undertaking. Well we just can’t blame them since searching for a good investment property is really hard. However, for those few optimists rental property is great way to accumulate wealth. Just like […]

How To Join An Investors Club

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Joining an investment club could prove to be an exciting and enlightening experience especially for those who just starting their career in investment. Getting into the market early is crucial to your financial success and this also the reason why joining an investment club can be beneficial. There are two prevailing types of investment clubs […]

Gold A Solid Investment

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Make no mistake, the currency crisis is coming. Rather than sitting back and letting it happen, protect yourself and profit from an economic upset that could basically render your dollars about as worthless as the paper they’re printed on. We saw a preview of this kind of debacle quite recently. In early 2006 a currency […]

Commodity Futures Trading Why It S Not For Average Investors

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If you don’t mind losing $5,000 in 10 minutes, you may enjoy trading commodity futures contracts. There’s an old saying among commodity traders: “It’s easy to make a small fortune in commodities. Just start with a large fortune!” This is not a business for people who are emotionally attached to their money, yet thousands of […]

Get Rich Slowly

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Is it hard to get rich? Not really, if you’re young. Its fun to play with financial calculators and see what might happen. Assume you have just graduated from college, are about 22 years old and I just started your first real job. If you put $100 a month in an IRA that grows at […]

Tips Tricks To Investing In Property

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Property investment has a lot of potential benefits, and it can help you build up a substantial wealth, in time of course. However, property investing has some risks, and no one can gurantee that everything will go ok and that the money will build up. Less risky than shares, property investment attracts many people and […]

Buying Investment Property With No Credit Check

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Low down payments, no credit check and guaranteed approval. This is the convenience for many investment property buyers who choose to shop online. With the internet being responsible for dramatically changing the way people do business, it is also responsible for revolutionizing the way people shop for investment property. A conventional loan for investment property […]

Investing In A Franchise And The American Dream

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Harley-Davidson enthusiasts Chris McIntyre, Jeff Brown and Peter Wurmer always dreamt of touring the world on motorcycles. Their dream is now a reality for them and the tens of thousands of customers who rent motorcycles, ATVs and watercraft from EagleRider franchise locations in the United States, Mexico, France and Spain. McIntyre, Brown and Wurmer started […]

Charting Patterns That Show You The Money

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The Time is Right: With the Fed lowering interest rates and setting a good tone to the markets along with earnings season coming up next month, there has never been a better time to learn to read price charts to pinpoint the best entries and exits for your trades. When you know how to correctly […]