Rise To The Challenge And Take Change In Your Stride

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CHANGE is often daunting for people as it is associated with ones routine being changed and ensuing instability. Remember, that when people describe being in a rut, they are frequently referring to situations which have stayed the same for a long time. They have lost INTEREST and MOTIVATION. If you are HAPPY with how your […]

Why Do I Have This Health Problem

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This article is about health problems and how some people let these problems get them down too easily. By thinking in a more positive way they are more likely to see a positive outcome. I hope you enjoy the read. I once had a neighbour who was about sixty-five. She was such a negative person, […]

Discovering Your Passion And Purpose

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“I can’t seem to discover why I’m on the planet.” “What is my purpose here? I know there’s something I’m supposed to be doing, but I don’t know how to find out what it is.” “I don’t seem to be passionate about anything.” I’ve heard these complaints over and over from my clients. Discovering our […]

Mentoring And Coaching For Professionals

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In recent years there has been a significant rise in the demand for mentors and coaches. The driving forces behind this are: executives, managers and other specialists are increasingly expected to demonstrate that they are undertaking significant professional development; the workplace and business employment environment is becoming even more competitive; the influence of the emerging […]

Are You Invisible

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Ellen was brought up to be invisible. She was taught to be very tuned into others’ feelings and needs, but to never have any of her own. Her family made it clear to her that her job was to give to them but to never expect anything in return. As a result, Ellen learned to […]

Are You Addicted To Your Activities

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Activities – such as sports, creative projects, reading, work, TV, meditation – can be a wonderful way to relax, express yourself, or connect to yourself. Or they can be an addiction. How can you know the difference? * Angie would surf the channels whenever she felt stressed or alone. * Karen would lose herself in […]

Manifestation And The Law Of Attraction

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Yes, you can have anything your heart desires through applying the universal law of attraction. However, the key is to really be in touch with your Higher Self in order for your true heart’s desire to manifest for you on a conscious level. If a desire comes to you which is primarily revealed only through […]

12 Ways To Maximize Time And Life

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My business experience has taught me one true thing: That maximizing your productivity, happiness, peace, or impact can best be accomplished if you clearly understand the 12 Rules of Time. 1. Have goals Being more efficient with your time is irrelevant if you don’t know how you want to spend it. In managing time, the […]

The Cost Of Being Right A High Price To Pay

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One of the highest prices we pay in life is the cost of being right. Some of us will sacrifice almost anything just in order to be the last one standing. A person who had been surrounded by their peers now sits alone, safe in the knowledge that he or she is right in their […]

Some Reality Testing Around Coaching

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Why get a coach? The answer was obvious to me after my eight years as a self employed creator of wearable art. I learned in those years that it was nearly impossible to simultaneously hold a vision, map out a path, walk that path and measure my own progress. I was so often distracted by […]

Living Life To The Full

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I am a firm believer that people should try to make the most out of each day that they are alive. We all have to die at some point and even though this may seem a little morbid it is true. Today or tomorrow could be our last day and therefore this is why we […]

The Power Of Vision In Coaching How To Create Your Own And Help Your Clients With Theirs

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Having a strong, clear vision is the cornerstone of coaching success – both for coaches and their clients. A great coach must not only have a strong vision of their own; they must also be able to help their client or “PBC” (Person Being Coached) developing theirs. The best visions are clear, useful, achievable and […]

Positive Mind Successful Life

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It took me a long time to realise the benefits of positive thinking. I had often heard people mention that if you think positive, positive things will happen to you, I used to think they were a bit weird. I now believe they were right and this article explains why. Growing up through the difficult […]

Life Coaching Information And Advice

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In this article I write about how we can become content with life by learning to like ourselves and by appreciating what we have in life. There are far too many people who are comparing their lives to that of their friends and neighbours, and who then think that they are not good enough. This […]

How To Promote Your Coaching Business Online

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Many of my coaching clients are coaches themselves, and quite a few of them have asked me how to promote their coaching business online. Here is some of the information I have shared with them. Use these tips and ideas to promote your own coaching practice online, get more clients and make more money: – […]

What Does It Mean To Be An Expatriate Part 2 How To Choose Your Paradise

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As mentioned in Part 1, there are some countries that are very popular now amongst the expat community. They all have their own appeal and it can be quite confusing and stressful deciding as to where to start. My proposed 10-step program is designed to help you decide on a country you would like to […]

Assist The Universe In Manifesting Your Desires

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So you think understand the principles of manifesting but you cannot explain why these things are not coming to you. You believe that we create our reality. You understand the laws of attraction, and believe that what we think about we attract into our experience. You have even been practicing these principles, that is, when […]

How To Give A Great Speech

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As a former owner of a National Speakers Bureau, I have learned from several thousand professional speakers “How to Give a Great Speech.” Here are some techniques that I share with my coaching clients who want to become paid professional speakers or business professionals who want todeliver masterful presentations. 1. Speak from the heart. Believe […]

A Fear And Phobia Of The Future

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My name is Steve Hill from England. In this article I am going to explain about how I have managed to turn my life around from one which was constantly living in fear, to one where I now look forward to the future. I hope this proves to be interesting and beneficial to anyone who […]

The Key To Self Discipline

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Self discipline starts with the ability to control your behavior. That means motivating yourself to do what you need to do, and stopping yourself from doing things that are bad for you. The “ability to control” is just the start, though, and real discipline is when you have trained your mind in such way that […]