Breast Cancer Its Causes

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Breast cancer is a malignant tumor developed from cells of the breast, and it is one of the most common cancers affecting females, at time has not been established what is the exact cause of this one, but last researches clearly pointing that there are several risks factors; These are the most probably breast cancer […]

Alternative Breast Cancer Natural Herbal Treatment

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In recent years, there’s been an explosion of life-saving treatment in an alternative way with natural and herbal medicine advances against breast cancer, bringing new hope and excitement. Instead of only one or two options, today there’s an overwhelming menu of treatment choices that fight the complex mix of cells in each individual cancer. Let […]

Will My Breast Cancer Come Back Reducing The Risk Of Breast Cancer Recurrence After Surgery

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More than 215,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. For many of them, surgery to remove the tumor is just the first step in the battle against the disease, often followed by radiation and/or chemotherapy. After that, these women may need to decide with their doctor whether to have “adjuvant therapy”-medication to help […]

Breast Cancer Problem Faced By Women

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There was a time when Breast Cancer was termed to be as a dreaded disease. But things have changed now. If detected earlier, this could be easily treated. Removal of your breast during the treatment of breast cancer can be one of the painful things you would have to go through. It may not be […]

Breast Health 8 Things Every Woman Needs To Know

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I always advocate self-care as the first step in preventing and treating health challenges. When it comes to breast health, the importance of self-care is a message I can’t share often enough. It is great to see pink ribbons everywhere in October during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! If I had my wish, every pink […]

A 10 Year Drive To Put The Brakes On Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer is a highly treatable disease that now has a survival rate of 85 percent. Yet more than 212,000 women are still diagnosed with the condition each year. Since early diagnosis is an important key to successful treatment, doctors say it’s important that all women over the age of 18 do a Breast Self-Exam […]

Increasing Accuracy And Patient Comfort With Digital Mammography

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There’s encouraging news for women. Not only is it becoming easier to catch and treat breast cancer in its earliest stages, but new technologies are making the process of diagnosing the disease more comfortable for the patient-and more accurate as well. The National Cancer Institute recommends mammography screenings every one to two years for women […]

The Secrets Of Healing From Within

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Modern medicine is based upon the notion of battle. We battle germs and fight for life. As soon as we feel pain or discomfort, we immediately try to stop it from happening and look for some way to soothe what we are going through. We feel we must change our illness or problems, overpower them […]

How To Avoid The Dangers Of Paget S Disease Of The Breast

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Many of you will have heard of Paget’s Disease, which is a serious bone disease, but many of you will not have heard of Paget’s Disease of the breast, so I am hoping that the ladies out there reading this article will take notice of the content, because they could come in touch with this […]

Halve Your Risk Of Breast Cancer

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We hear it all the time…lose weight for your health. Few people however, realize the extent to which this is critical to their physical well-being and ultimately their life expectancy. In January 2003, the Journal of the American Medical Association featured a study finding that obesity appears to lessen life expectancy, especially among young adults. […]

Prostate Cancer Treatment

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Cancer that grows in the prostate gland is called prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among men in the U.S. About one man in six will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime, but only one man in 34 will die of the disease. In the early stages, […]

New Test For Breast Cancer Making Individualized Treatment Decisions A Reality

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Widely hailed as the next frontier in medical advances, the promise of individualized medicine is becoming a reality thanks to progress in understanding the molecular basis of diseases such as breast cancer. Scientists can now develop treatments that are tailored to individual genetic profiles, as well as tests to predict how a patient will respond […]

What You Need To Know If Your Mother Had Breast Cancer

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If your mother had breast cancer, you have an increased chance of developing it yourself. Knowing your family history, understanding your personal risk, getting appropriate screening tests and making lifestyle choices are important steps toward good breast health, according to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. “If breast cancer runs in your family, understanding […]

Solution To Breast Cancer

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How long should a patient take tamoxifen for the treatment of breast cancer? Patients with advanced breast cancer may take tamoxifen for varying lengths of time, depending on their response to this treatment and other factors. When used as adjuvant therapy for early stage breast cancer, tamoxifen is generally prescribed for 5 years. However, the […]

Breast Cancer Risk Simple Steps To Prevent Disease

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If young women take certain simple steps when they are adolescents, they may reduce risk of breast cancer later in life. A research suggests that puberty could be a crucial time for development of breast cancer. Regular exercise is believed to delay the beginning of a girl’s first menstrual period. That is when the body […]

Antiperspirants And Breast Cancer

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Most underarm antiperspirants contain as the active ingredient, Aluminium Chlorohydrate, as you will probably remember there has been controversy about Aluminium, since the 1950’s when it was a popular metal used for making cooking pots, Saucepans and Fry Pans and that it could be one of the contributing factors to Alzheimer’s, now we have another […]

Lower Your Risk For Breast Cancer Heart Disease

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Many postmenopausal women are looking for alternatives to hormone therapy, especially in light of the recent Women’s Health Initiative research findings concerning the risks of combined estrogen and progestin therapy. Of particular interest are phytoestrogens, which have been gaining popularity due to their “natural” status, alleged health claims, and availability in a wide range of […]

The Birth Control Pill The Breast Cancer Connection

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There is only one drug in the world so well known that it’s called “the Pill.” For more than forty years, more people have taken “the Pill” than any other prescribed medicine in the world. Sex, pregnancy, and contraception have been hot topics for millennia. It wasn’t until the U.S. government approved the birth control […]

Breast Cancer What Women Should Know

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From relative obscurity, breast cancer has become one of the leading causes of deaths among women in the world. In 2001, about 200,000 cases of breast cancer have been reported in the United States, making it the second leading cause of cancer death in the US. It is, in fact, the most common malignancy problem […]