Sporting Clays Book Dan Schindler S Second Book On Sporting Clays To The Target

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by Daniel L. Schindler

Foreword by

Peter Crabtree, N.S.C.A. Level III – British Guild of Shooting Instructors, Chairman

Wendy Crabtree, N.S.C.A. Level III

When I was the Chief Instructor for the National Sporting Clays Association, Wendy and I had the opportunity to work with Dan on numerous occasions. His resourceful but focused approach to teaching takes shooting’s

often-complicated mechanical equation and reduces it to its simplest form. This demanding skill is, in itself, a mark of a competent teacher.

To The Target possesses excellent technical information. Using the building block process he often refers to, Dan patiently shows you what to trust in the shooting box. Specific checkpoints guide you through the shot, removing much of the mystery that surrounds hits and misses. To The Target straightforwardly displaces apprehension in the box with technique and positive images. Gradually, using the methods in each chapter, he teaches you the purest shot of all using the mental game. All of this culminates in a fluid move on the target that is, in all ways, swift, elemental and dependable.

For those of you familiar with Dan’s style of writing, you’ll once again discover this book, too, provides you with a solid, informative foundation and a no-nonsense approach to the art of shotgunning. Dan’s passion for teaching and his contagious enthusiasm flows from the pages that follow. His confidence in you, the reader, never falters. To The Target cites a wealth of common sense recommendations, all presented to the reader in an easily understood format with superb use of visualizations.

As shooters and instructors, Wendy and I genuinely enjoyed this book. You will too. As you turn the last page, it becomes obvious to you that Dan has spent years refining this information. With polished explanations, To The Target delivers a capable and satisfying shooting system. We applaud Dan’s insights and persistence.

For those of you who wish to improve your shooting skills, the study and application of Dan’s recommendations provides an honest opportunity to do so.

We wish him, and you, the very best in sporting!

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