Help Your Toddler Adjust To A New Bed

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Your child has outgrown the crib and is ready for a new bed. But what type of bed should you buy and how will your child adjust to it?

To help children and parents with the transition, American Innerspring Manufacturers, a national nonprofit group dedicated to spreading information about sleep, has underwritten a printing of “Sleepy Creepy,” a bedtime book geared toward toddlers who are leaving their cribs for “big-kid beds.”

“We love ‘Sleepy Creepy’ because it helps with a transition that is difficult for so many parents,” said Arthur Grehan, executive director of the American Innerspring Manufacturers. “Parents frequently contact us for information on the right types and sizes of beds for toddlers, so we know there’s a ton of interest in the subject.”

“‘Sleepy Creepy’ is delightful and just plain fun,” Grehan added. “We suspect it’ll rise to the top of the child’s request list at bedtime.”

AIM is making the offer in hopes that parents will give some real thought to the important transition from a crib to a bed with a real mattress. AIM is making copies of the book available to any parent who wants one in order to spark a discussion about the best way to approach this critical milestone in a child’s life.

AIM’s Web site, www.aim, has additional information on the subject, including a tip sheet called “A Little Common Sense on Big Kid Beds.”

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