Make Valentine S With Your Kids

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Homemade Valentine’s are great for your kids to give to the really special people in their lives like Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, Aunt’s and Uncle’s, brothers and sisters, best friends and of course, Daddy! But unless you start them at Halloween, we suggest you stick to boxed cards for all their friends at school! Here are some fun and easy ideas to make Valentine’s Day cards with your kids…

Hearts and Hands Valentine

Here’s what you need:

Construction paper (two different colors)

A pencil




Here’s what to do:

1. Trace your child’s hand on a piece of construction paper with a pencil and then cut it out.

2. Draw a heart small enough to fit on the hand with a pencil and cut it out.

3. Glue the heart to the front of the hand.

4. Have your child write a special message inside the heart. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Grandma! I love you with all my heart!”

This is a great card to make for Daddy.

Prim Valentine

Here’s what you need:

Brown paper bag




Hole punch

Red or pink ribbon or yarn (about

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