Puppets Turned Into Muppets Under Age Drinkers

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What is it coming too when the law can not uphold the law? with Under age drinkers

In their powerless efforts to control the rising problem with under age drinkers the numbers are increasing day by day. How sad for the parents who have tried in vain to put the kids on the straight and narrow.

These kids may as well be walking arm in arm with a suicide bomber.

Even adults over the years think they have mastered the art of self control when drink symptoms kick in taking the mind and body. I am sorry to say one drink to many and we all end up like a puppet on a string.

Coming back to the parents, we have the caring and not so caring mothers and fathers who encourage this behaviour by not knowing where the child is or what they are doing.

Your children’s health is at stake here and you need to act now to keep them safe from the harm they are doing to themselves or that of others.

We are talking about the kids of the 21st century who I am afraid to say does not fear the police force unlike in our childhood.

Police patrol in two’s; a two man army enforcement of the law is not enough to stop a riot.

Where is the guarantee for all law abiding citizens who are afraid to go out of their homes or to the local shop because of the masses of beer swilling louts making their lives a misery? Regular detours are taken because of crowded corners of gangs, if the police have no control over the behaviour from under age drinkers then what chance do we have?

We all know drink gives us all Dutch courage and if ever bravery medals should be awarded then give it to a drunk. No one will ever be has brave as he/she under the influence.

Lessons in controlling under age drinking.

Should the right force of authority be authorised to keep law and order to stop this problem from escalating even further, then so be it. Send in the vigilantes because the boys in blue are of no threat to this generation.

Our police powers are non existent so their hands may as well be tied behind their backs. If it takes a group of Arnold Schwarzenegger terminator type geezers to patrol the streets to uphold peace and calm, then I am all for that. You may bet the under age drinkers sober up pretty fast and into the bargain less lip.

Heights of oblivion where you remember nothing is not having a good time and very dangerous too. So why waste your money. No matter what I say or do is going change the habits of a great many of you but it may help the ones crying out for help

I haven’t forgot that I was young once, and there were times when I managed to pull the wool over my mums eyes, but if what I did at the time was going to hurt my parents in a way that it would break their hearts and cause them pain, then there was no way I was going to let that happen to the two closest people in my life. Think of yourself but most of all think of Mum and dad.

If drinking is causing you to suffer then please cut down on your intake, it is not the answer but it is half the battle won.

Talk to your parents, if they bawl and shout it is only because they care. Remember you always hurt the one you love. So next time mum jumps up to give you a clout, you know it is because she loves you and heaven forbid should you get a good hiding then her love for you is stronger than you will ever know

Influenced by alcohol turns puppets into Muppets

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