911 Internet Savvy For Parent S Part I

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The internet could be considered an entry into a brave new world for this millennium. To be successful in this world you must have access and knowledge of how to use the internet. Children that are able to use the internet will be better prepared for high school, college and the job market.

Lawrence J. Magid of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children states, “millions of people are now going online to exchange electronic mail (E-mail) and instant messages; participate in chat groups; post and read messages in newsgroups, which are sometimes called bulletin boards; “surf” the world wide web; and many other online activities. Children are no exception in fact they are more likely to be online than adults.” The internet is a powerful, educational learning tool that can also be extremely dangerous for children.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006, Austin American -Statesman reported that a teenagers , mother was suing http://MySpace.com for $30 million the suit filed in Travis County claims popular Internet site fails to protect children from adult sexual predators. The lawsuit includes news reports of other assault cases in which girls were contacted through MySpace. The real question here is should MySpace be held responsible for the safety of your child or is that your job.

MySpace is not the only social networking website just the largest boasting a membership of 70-80 million users, Bebo ranks 2nd with a membership of 23million users and other popular teen sites include http://WeeWorld.com, http://Friendster.com, http://Tagged.com, http://Xanga.com and http://Orkut.com. An article published on June 4, 2006 in Fairfield New Zealand Ltd., Stuff on, “Social Networking Websites Target NZ Teens in Turf Battle” by Kent Atkinson asserts that, children flock online to hang out with friends, express their hopes and dreams and bare their souls with often painful honesty – mostly unbeknownst to their tech-clumsy parents.

All of theses incident have occurred within the last couple of months. There are so many safety features on the internet for parents to use that these incidents should not have happened. You would not send you child outside to play on a busy freeway because it is dangerous, well so is the internet. Parents are going to have to accept the responsibility of monitoring their child’s usage on the internet. There are many tools to help the novice internet users and the expert internet users monitor there children.


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