Protect Your Children With A Password

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When we think of password protection, we think of bank accounts, computers, or even voice mail phone systems.

Our children are equally precious to us and need our protection. But how do we protect them?

When my kids were small we established a password, or codeword that only they and I knew. We chose a word very familiar to them, something they could remember, yet not something easily guessed by an outsider.

In the car we would roleplay many situations that might happen and how my children could respond. It was very important that if anyone other than I was going to pick them up at school or from a sports practice or even a girl scout meeting, this person must know our password.

If the person did not know the password, then my children were not to get in their car under any circumstances. There were no exceptions to this rule. Once you start making exceptions young children become confused. Their mother, their father, and their grandmother knew their password and often discussed it with them.

I know our system worked, because one day after her brownie meeting, a friend of mine offered to drive my daughter home, knowing I was home not feeling well. My daughter asked this adult woman if she knew the password. Of course the woman did not. My daughter comfortably looked at her and told her she could not get in the car with her.

I have never been more proud of this very precious little girl.

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