Are You Ready To Be A Father

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Getting married and having children is the way of life fort all of us. The question is – are we ready to get married and after that are we ready to become father? Why this question? Let us discuss.

Most of us are not always ready to get married. We are waiting for the right partner. We have career and money issues. We have emotional issues. We don’t want to get married in hurry and then break up. We therefore weigh all the options and wait for the opportune time. Only after we are satisfied, we get married. Am I correct?

Becoming a father is equally difficult. Before becoming a father, you have to make sure that your wife is ready to become a mother. That both of you have settled in the marriage and don’t foresee much problem ahead. Your career has picked up and you are saving money. You have a good home and you are otherwise free of problems. Only after satisfying yourself about all these, can you think of becoming a father.

Fatherhood involves many issues. As soon as you get a child, you will find that your wife is paying more attention to her child than to you. Your nights will not be as peaceful as before. Visits to doctors may increase. Vacationing may become difficult and partying may have to e cut. There are many such changes that a new child brings along with lot of joy. Please think about the pros and cons before deciding to become a father. Your child should never suffer because of your own frustrations. Your kid will be your most precious possession. Think carefully and decide.

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