He Calls Himself The Rich Jerk He I Is I Rich And He Tells You How To Be As Well

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This guy doesn’t need you, but you might need him. He’s good. He knows it. He’s prepared to tell you how to do it. His “wisdom” is laid out for you to see. Make of him what you will, thing is, he’s made it in a big way.

Sometimes we need to be told outright what’s going on, how to do something, how to make it, without huge amounts of hype, gloss and flash and he does just that.

He calls himself The Rich Jerk. He’s got a viewpoint that’s straight down the line, calls it as it is and doesn’t care if you don’t act. He’s successful and he knows it. He knows how to make money online and he’s making his method available. Now you’ve got a chance to take advantage of it.

If you’re serious about making money online you really have to look at all of this. The information is condensed to the essentials. Clear, detailed and precise information about multiple successful strategies that’s he’s used and is still using today.

His information about how to make money online includes (but is by no means limited to):

10 ways to create an affiliate site that sells, and sells, and sells

How to knock off Google Adwords competition, and pay less as well

How to get 20% click through from Adsense ads

How he attained a #1 listing on Google and held it for 3 years

How he develops huge link popularity through automation

The ins and outs of “white hat” and “black hat” strategies

Getting super-affiliate sites to promote you over the others

He can provide gutsy, honest testimonials …

“You might be the epitome of arrogance, but you certainly know your stuff. Anyone who is unwilling to pay ANY price for this material ought to be put out of their miserable internet existence …” Stephanie Woolford-Bales – Vancouver, WA

“First off, your product is hands down the best I’ve ever bought. And I’ve bought a lot. I hope my competition doesn’t get their hands on it. You really delivered.” Erik M. – The Netherlands

To quote The Rich Jerk directly:

“Try my strategies for 60 days. If you aren’t successful, I’ll tell you that you are in the wrong profession, I’ll question your IQ, but I’ll also give you a 100% refund. I only require that you let me know which strategies didn’t work for you, and how you used them. See my FAQ page for complete details. If I see that you’re REALLY pathetic, I masy even help you personally”. The Rich Jerk

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