South Dakota Real Estate Step Away From The Rat Race

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From National Parks to a relaxed pace of life, South Dakota has a lot more going for it then you might think. With some of the cheapest prices in the land, South Dakota real estate is a steal.

South Dakota

If you’re looking for bustling cities and every modern convenience, South Dakota is definitely not for you. If you prefer a relaxed, honest place where you know the neighbors and a handshake means something, you’ve found the place. Throw incredibly scenic places like Badlands National Park and Mount Rushmore, and you have a state with a friendly old west feel that makes a perfect relocation spot.

Rapid City

The second largest city in South Dakota, Rapid City isn’t very rapid at all. Instead, the city feels more like a town and is extremely family oriented. The town is located on rolling hills with plenty of tree cover. If you enjoy the outdoors, Rapid City is a hop and a jump from the Black Hills and plenty of outdoor activities. As occurs throughout South Dakota, it is warm in the summer and cold in the winter.

Sioux Falls

Built on the Big Sioux River, Sioux Falls is known for…its falls. Running through the city, the falls are not particularly big, but are very picturesque. Home to the University of Sioux Falls, the town has a conservative, friendly atmosphere.


The gold rush town of Deadwood deserves a special mention when discussing South Dakota. As with most gold rush towns, the fortunes of Deadwood went up and down with the gold industry. Eventually, things went really bad and the town nearly was abandoned. Today, Deadwood has been revived by tourism and visiting it is like stepping back in time. Casinos dating from the nineteenth century have been revived with the Midnight Star Casino being owned by Kevin Costner.

South Dakota Real Estate

South Dakota real estate is just about the best deal in the United States. You can expect to pay under $200,000 for a single family home throughout the state. With such low prices, the appreciation rate for South Dakota real estate was a reasonably 7.5 percent for 2005.

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