How To Deal With Moving Quotes

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The more details you give, the more accurate your quote. Moving companies need information about the amount you would like to move, so that they can determine how many people and which vehicles are needed. The cheapest mover is not always the best. Some less qualified movers might overlook belongings while estimating, which might make your move more expensive then initially estimated. Be sure to provide them with all the details they need. There are many criteria for choosing a moving company. Whilst some companies provide reduced rates; others provide additional security for your belongings, or extra services that can help you more effectively. Please be sure to sum up all the pros and cons carefully, before deciding which company you opt for.

Check that they are members of a professional trade organisation! National trade associations maintain professional high standards and can give you detailed information about member companies. Members of these associations are usually vetted annually. Also, if you are unsatisfied with the services provided, you have a higher authority that you can contact. Two of the most renown trade associations include:


American Moving and Storage Association


Household Goods Forwarders Association of America Inc


F lorida Movers and Warehousemen’s Assiciation


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration


The International Federation of International Movers


Fidi Accredited International Mover


Latin American & Caribbean International Movers Association


Pan American International Movers Association




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