Boat Seats Should Serve More Than One Purpose

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Boating is a great hobby for families, individuals and even friends to take part in together. There’s just something about hitting the open sea, or lake, at the end of a long week that makes all the worries in the world melt away. Whether it’s a sail boat, a fishing boat or a skiing boat that’s in question, however, safety needs to be a paramount concern. Everything from the boat itself to the boat seats should be in tip top condition to ensure that fun on the water doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Everyone knows that boats should be well stocked with life preservers. In fact, safety vests are not only smart, they happen to be the law in some locales. There are some extras that people can do to go above and beyond when it comes to floatation devices. This is where good boat seats come in handy.

Many boat seats come equipped with a breakaway feature that allows them to be used as flotation devices in an emergency. These are stock onboard the vessel from the time of purchase. Made to blend in with the boat’s design, these are great extra measures of safety. Caring for them properly will involve nothing more than making sure the seats stay in good condition and are cleaned as necessary.

Although most boats offer some sort of built-in flotation device system, there are other boat seats that can be purchased to provide an extra lift when they’re necessary. Add on boat seats that double as floaters are great choices for making boats comfortable for those who use them and safer in the event of an emergency. Some boat cushions, in fact, even offer arm holds to help people use them more effectively when they are needed.

When using boat seats as floatation devices, there are some pointers people should remember. These include:

Proper care: Seats and cushions that double as flotation devices should be kept in good condition. This means cleaning them when necessary and making sure there are no rips, tears or other damage that might render them not useable in the event of an emergency. Cushions that are add on purchases should be replaced if they are damaged.

Testing: Since boat seats and cushions are used in watery conditions, they can develop problems from time to time. It’s a good idea to check their effectiveness before relying on them solely if an accident or emergency arises.

Extra protection: Seats and cushions can provide an extra level of comfort, but it’s important to remember they are add on devices. A good floating boat seat does not replace the need to have life vests onboard a boat. It doesn’t matter if the boat is a little fishing vessel or a big ski boat built for speed, safety should be a top concern.

Boating is a great way to get away from it all. Safety on the water, however, should never be taken for granted. To ensure every outing is a good one, make sure necessary equipment is onboard. From the life vests to the boat seats, they’ll all be important in an emergency.

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