Tips On Street Fighting Not Fighting At All

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These days its hardly surprising to find oneself having to fight strangers in the streets. So one really have to learn some tricks to win the fights in any way that you can, otherwise you wil surely be left with some black eye, dislocated wrists, and also concussion.

Like always best solution to win a street fight is to avoid one. It will be great if a dispute is resolved without any brawls and yes, better not let your treacherous ego cloud your common sense. In violent confrontations, make sure to be neutral and calm; apologize, even if its not your fault or the opponent is a regular no gooder and yes, do so in a confident manner. If he persists, clearly tell him to back off. Never let your opponent get near you and don’t be a fool and let him hit you first. As he nears, change your stance in a fighting position and just slam your outstretched open hand into his face. This is a great tactic to disorient the opponent. Well if you have to punch, keep your hand, wrist, and two largest in a straight line, and punch with those two knuckles as hard and fast as possible. Follow this with swift kicks to the knees or groin areas. However unless you are a good puncher, better not pound unnecessarily.

Best tactic is non punch hand strikes and palm strikes against the side of the head and neck. Also low kicks aimed at shins, ankles, the insides of calves is very effective. And yep, all those scratching, biting, clawing, spitting, hair pulling hair are good too. Remember you are in a street fight and that too with a rowdy aggressor, so don’t think about rules, just think about your safety.

Know your limit too. Alone and fighters ganging up on you? Well run! Its not cowardice, its safety actually. A winner always knows when to quit.

Also always keep at a distance from your opponent, say about twice the arm’s length. Experts opine that staying close limits your opponent’s ability to land painful punches. As a matter of fact, keep on the opponents side and not directly in front of him. Also those involved in street fights with more than one opponent, make sure to move in such a way as to keep them in each other’s way. Staying between them is fatal!

Make sure to attack any vulnerable spot. Also just blocking an opponent with your arms or legs leaves the rest of your body in the way. And yes, punches and hits in the face, throat, temples will incapacitate your opponent making them blury and howling in pain, and disorientated for sometime, enough seconds for you to make an exit.

When involved in these street fights, unless you are a mean fighter, you will be punched to a pulp. So the best tip to win the fight is to impede your opponents as much as possible, use sand, dirt, mace, or other sprays on the eyes, thereby you can run. Fighting should be the last resort, and if you can talk your way out of a fight that’s one real winner too.

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