Lower Your Golf Score Try Playing From The Short Grass

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Seriously folks, how often do you birdie or even par a hole after you have launched your tee shot off into the trees or somewhere else in trouble?

Yeah… me either.

Hitting the fairway with a good degree of consistency off the tee is a key to playing a good round of golf. For those of you who even play competitively, you know that this can be no simple task especially under the added pressure of tournament play.

Let’s take a look at a few very simple tips that (if you practice consistently) will add to your percentages of playing your second shot off the short grass.

Golf is such a mind and visual game. Every course has its own personal visual nuances and challenges that the golf course architect presents to you. Some will fit your eye… and some won’t.

First tip – take a moment to visualize your tee shot (every shot for that matter). Make this a part of your pre-shot routine. Every time – stand behind your ball and pick out a target. Visualize yourself over the ball and the flight of the ball heading toward the target. Once I’ve picked out my target and address the golf ball; I like to imaging a set of football goal posts a short distance out in front of me and in line with my target… then I just try to put a smooth swing on and …. “It’s good”! The idea here is to imagine success… “seeing” yourself execute a good shot is a big key as you prepare to pull the trigger.

Tip 2 – If I only had one tip to give that I new would cure the lion’s share of golfer’s woe’s off the tee it would be… stay within yourself with your swing. The problem that people have with the driver off the tee is that there is no defined distance… it’s wide open. And as such many golfers get outside themselves. Use the swing that gives you the highest degree of accuracy. Think rhythm and tempo… and you’ll be playing your next shot from the fairway.

Tip 3 – A close kin to tip 2… stay balanced. If you find yourself struggling to hold your finish then you’re probably pushing the envelope of tip #2. Slow yourself down and get your rhythm, tempo, and timing back. It’s a dance… not a bull rush.

And finally, if you are still in the process of finding ‘your swing’ seek out the opportunity to try out different drivers in order to find one that you like and fits your swing. If you’re committed to playing, take the time to get properly fitted clubs. The driver is the longest club in your bag, and as such is the most difficult to accomplish. Don’t make it even tougher on yourself by using ill fitted clubs.

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