Building Your Own Basketball Court

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Love basketball? Want to shoot some hoops at your own house, whenever you feel like it? The solution is to build your own court, or half court, so that anytime a friend pops in, you can have a quick game without the hassle of going to a gym or neighborhood court. And you’ll avoid the crowds, too.

Many folks would like one, but few know how to build a basketball court. The first step is to choose an appropriate area. A concrete area such as a driveway is best. They are usually smooth, firm, and ready to play on. However, uneven surfaces may need to be leveled. Such surfaces may need concrete patches or laying of an artificial basketball surface. Both are rather expensive options.

The second step is to properly select the equipment. Should you use a portable system or an in-ground system? Both have pros and cons. The portable systems are better for casual players. They are easier to install and can be wheeled away when the court is not needed any longer. The portable systems generally include a base with wheels, pole, backboard, and rim.

However, portable courts do not offer the stability that in-ground systems provide. These systems require the pole to be permanently placed in concrete. This is a laborious and rather time-consuming process. Firstly, the ground where the pole is to be installed must be dug. Then the pole is secured in a rough looking cement base that is allowed to harden for 30 hours.

Some court manufacturers also provide bolt on in-ground systems. With these systems, the anchor, not the pole, is set in concrete. Later, the pole will be bolted to the anchor. You may need professional help working with the concrete needed to secure in-ground systems.

Why not consider a wall-mounted basketball system? These systems can be attached to the side of your garage, roof, or house wall. They normally include a mounting kit and net, backboard, and rim. Some of the better systems even come with an extension arm that allow the rim and net to be extended.

The next step is to decide which of all the shapes and sizes of the basket ball equipment suit your requirements. For example, the backboard comes in two shapes: regular or fan-shaped. Which one is best for you? If you are fond of using bank shots then you should buy the rectangular backboard. A similar question should be asked when selecting the basket. Is it better to have a basket with fixed rims or a breakaway system? The breakaway system is obviously more suitable for players who show off by hanging onto the rim.

Finally, you must lay out the court. For this you use paint, chalk, or HoopLines basketball half court boundary system. Obviously chalk is merely a temporary marking method. Courts lined with chalk have to be fixed again and again. Paint is certainly a more permanent solution, but you should be careful while first painting the lines. The HoopLines are perhaps the best, but they certainly cost more.

Many people skip the lines altogether, but you may regret this later. Take the time to do it right at the beginning, and you will thank yourself while you enjoy your home-grown basketball court for years to come.

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