New York Knicks Tickets Are They Actually Coming To Life

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New York Knicks tickets were always nearly impossible to find for many reasons. They play at one of the most famous venues in the world in Madison Square Garden. The culture of New York City exudes basketball. The stars would love to be seen at a Knicks game. Oh, and one final thing – the Knicks were almost always good.

Of course, last year was one of the biggest disasters in the history of the entire NBA, let alone just the Knicks. Coach Larry Brown failed miserably in his attempt to mold what many felt was a misfit roster into winners, and the team tanked badly. Brown did not get along with his players or with management, and he was sent packing after only one season.

This led to what basically amounted to an ultimatum from owner James Dolan. He installed Isiah Thomas as coach, and told him he had a year to turn things around or he’d be joining Brown in the unemployment line. Of course, no one thought he’d actually improve the team, and no one gave this team a chance at the beginning of the season.

However, surprisingly, the Knicks are getting better. Their bloated payroll doesn’t look so ridiculous these days, and against all odds and the predictions of almost everyone who claimed to know anything about basketball, the Knicks are fighting for a playoff spot and New York Knicks tickets are once again becoming a hot item.

The reasons for this resurgence can actually be laid out pretty easily. No one ever doubted that the Knicks’ roster was talented, but the players were portrayed as a bunch of overpaid, underachieving coach-killers who didn’t know how to function as a team. After all, if a great coach like Brown couldn’t get them to play together, no one could.

Thomas changed all of that. He tinkered with the lineup, is getting production out of C Eddy Curry, a supremely talented player, and the one thing that’s most different from last year’s Knicks is that this year, New York plays hard every single night. How many times have we seen their games come down to the last shot? Last year, those games would’ve been blowouts.

Whatever Thomas is telling them, the message is apparently getting through. All this means that as impossible as it seemed just a few months ago, fans had better get their hands on New York Knicks tickets now, as they could be headed back to the playoffs.

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