St Louis Rams Tickets Is The Team Coming Back To Earth

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St. Louis Rams tickets have been selling like hotcakes during the first part of the 2006 season as the Rams got off to a fast start. It looked like they were a team that was instantly going to get better under a bright new coach, and most thought it would be the Rams who posed the biggest challenge to Seattle’s division supremacy.

However, as we move into the second half of the season, the Rams have fallen off a bit. They’re currently in third place in their division behind the improving San Francisco 49ers, and they’re running out of time if they want to make a run at the playoffs. They still have a bright new coach, so what’s happening with the Rams? We’ll explore a few possible reasons for their struggles below.

Run Defense

The Rams have been known to have an average-at-best defense in recent years, as their offense has for a long time been the core of the team’s identity. That was supposed to change under new defensive coordinator Jim Fassell, late of the New Orleans Saints, who has long been known for his stout, physical defensive teams and schemes.

The Rams’ defense was strong for the first month-or-so of the season, but since their free-fall began, they’ve been getting gashed, particularly on the ground. In yesterday’s 15-0 loss to the Carolina Panthers, the Rams surrendered 242 rushing yards, and that will get you beat almost every time. You can’t win in the NFL if you can’t stop the run, and Fassell and the Rams need to get that fixed right away.

Coaching Learning Curve

Scott Linehan came to the Rams known as an up-and-coming coaching star who had built successful offenses in both Minnesota and Miami. His knowledge and teaching ability made players such as Daunte Culpepper better, and his offenses always scored a lot of points, regardless of whether the talent he had at his disposal was run or pass-oriented. Linehan could put together a system that fit his players.

However, the difference between serving as a coordinator and a head coach couldn’t be more stark, and Linehan is finding that out. After the Carolina game, most thought that the Rams simply looked flat and uninspired. When asked about it after the game, several players all-but called out their coach after he admitted that the team was flat.

St. Louis Rams tickets have provided an all-but guaranteed fireworks show in recent years, but Linehan’s team isn’t putting the same attitude into offense, and his defense is getting trampled. Linehan will figure things out and continue to grow into a top-flight coach, but like any other “rookie,” he’s still learning the nuances of leading a team. If he doesn’t figure that out, he’ll risk losing his veterans, but it’s not too late to rectify the situation.

Offensive Line

The Rams have a good offensive line when it’s at full-strength, but it won’t be firing on all cylinders for the rest of the season, as star LT Orlando Pace is out for the year. No unit can simply move on at the same level when it loses its best player, and yesterday was the first tangible evidence that the Rams will miss Pace in a big way. QB Marc Bulger was sacked seven times and RB Steven Jackson carried the ball only seven times. The Rams mustered all of 111 yards of offense, which is never good enough to win.

Overall, the Rams still have time to right the ship. They need to find their spark, and perhaps a string of home games coming up on their schedule will help them get back on track. One thing is sure – St. Louis Rams tickets will provide fans with a highly-entertaining show for the rest of the season as the Rams attempt to keep up with the rest of the division.

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