Horse Trailers With Living Quarters

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Living Quarters in a Horse Trailer

When you travel a lot with your horse then Living quarters in your horse trailer are a must if you travel long distances or have overnight stops. The size of your living quarters depends if you have bumper hitch or goose neck, the latter being sizeably bigger giving more free space for your comfort.

So what sort of living quarters do you want in your horse trailer? Obviously a bed is a must, you can sleep 2, 3, 4 or even more if desired, again the size of the trailer is the deciding factor. Your trailer can be a real home from home with varying degrees of luxury depending on your budget. After a hard day in the saddle a nice comfy bed in cosy surroundings appeals to most!

Okay so you’ve got your sleeping quarters, a bath/shower room will be an obvious must and space will probably be tight so don’t be alarmed. For me, a functional kitchen equipped with microwave, fridge, stove, storage space and with a seating area would complete the living quarters. The total space you will have will again depend on the size of your horse trailer. Remember there needs to be space for your horse and all his kit so you might find yourself looking at bigger and bigger trailers – try not to get carried away!

There are some pretty cool living quarters in horse trailers on the market and as you would expect they come with a price tag to match. For around $43,000 you can have all the above including an ultra leather lounge, aircon, cherry wood finish and separate shower and toilet.

With all this luxury in the living quarters in your horse trailer you would also expect your horse to travel in the same quality of comfort and I would expect to have feed and hay mangers, rubber matting on floor and plenty of travelling room in slant style stalls. If luxury is what you want then it is definitely out there all you have to do is look!

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