Super Bowl Tickets Will The Bears Shock The World

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If you’re not one of the lucky ones to secure Super Bowl tickets for this weekend’s games, you’ll still be one of the hundreds of millions who will take in the game on television. However, there’s nothing quite like attending a game of this stature, and below you’ll see an examination of the Bears and their chances to pull the upset. Almost no one is giving them a chance, but if the following things occur, Halas Hall will need to make room for another Lombardi Trophy.

Stop the Run

The Bears’ defense has gotten a lot of publicity this season, and for stretches of time over the course of the past few months, that unit has been completely dominant. However, since the injury bug hit the defense, the Bears have actually been a bit leaky with their run defense, as star DT Tommie Harris has been sorely missed. Pro Bowl S Mike Brown was also an underrated run-stopper, which means that teams have been attacking the Bears down the middle. If the Bears can contain Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes, it’ll go a long way towards containing the Colts’ offense.

Rattle Peyton Manning

The Bears’ pass rush has remained fierce even with their injuries, and the pressure will be on their defensive line to generate pressure on Manning without having to bring extra defenders on the blitz. Manning is too smart to not recognize almost any blitz package, and the Bears will be risking big plays if they sell out. However, Manning has been known to throw interceptions if he doesn’t get into a rhythm, and if the Bears can keep him from getting comfortable, they stand a good chance to create some much-needed big plays.

The Rex Grossman Factor

This issue has been basically beaten to death throughout the season, and many who do secure Super Bowl tickets will be most focused on the play of the Bears’ much-maligned QB. When Grossman is good, he approaches top-flight status. However, when he’s bad, he’s a team-killing turnover machine. If Grossman is on his game, he can lead the Bears to a big point total. Basically, he has to be on his game for the Bears to have a chance. If Peyton Manning gets extra chances with the ball, he’ll make the most of them.

How Possible is the Upset?

The list above may seem like a lot of requirements, but the Bears have had many games this season where all of these factors have been in place. Case in point would be the NFC Championship game against the Saints, when New Orleans’ running game was corralled, QB Drew Brees was under constant pressure and Grossman did just enough in generating big plays and protecting the ball that the Bears won going away in a blowout. If the Bears can do this again, those Super Bowl tickets will be keepsakes for an historic upset.

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