Three On Three The Solution

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You like playing basketball, right? Yes you do. On the other hand you are not young any more (this phrase is applicable to people from 19 to 80) and you do not feel capable of running up and down the full court. It is difficult to find nine players and to play five on five. You do not have a basketball court with the official size close to your place and the last time you played, Michael Jordan was still with Chicago Bulls. Now you are really disappointed and you feel that the only thing you have among the ones needed for a good game is a ball, and you are not really sure if it is in the attic, the garage or the trash can. So, are you going to sit on your couch and watch Dwayne Wade playing against Dirk Nowitzki? Or are you going to play a basketball game on play station? I thought you said that you like playing basketball not watching it on TV.

If there is just one single basket in your neighborhood you don’t have to be neither disappointed nor lazy. The solution to your problem is called three-on-three. Just as five-on-five basketball is best played on a full court, three-on-three is made for a half court. If this sounds promising, I am sure that you will find your ball somewhere or in worst case scenario you can buy a new one. Moreover, it is far easier to find five more people to play with you instead of nine, and you can always attract their attention by mentioning that they will not have to run up and down a five-on-five full court, but just half of it.

Did I convince you? If yes, but you are skeptical regarding the rules, do not worry. Your friends and you will make your own rules. The main requirement is that the ball should be “cleared” whenever possession of the ball changes. To clear the ball, the team acquiring possession must pass the three-point line before attempting a shot. Apart from that you can agree with your friends about the scoring system, the wining score, the possession after scores and the winning price-a pitcher is usually a good choice!

You are still sitting on your couch? Oh, you have the phone on hand and you are about to call your friends to recruit them as teammates. OK. Enjoy the game! I am off to play some play station!

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