Texas Hold Em Gaming Quiz

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Let’s talk about the most popular game in town, Texas Hold’ em. This quiz will test your knowledge of strategies and ‘Texas Lingo’ for the game. Deal the cards and let’s play some Poker.

1) How many cards down does each player receive at the beginning of each deal?

A2 Cards.

B3 Cards.

C5 Cards.

A. The dealer deals out 2 cards face down one at a time to each player.

2) The Dealer then deals 3 ‘community cards’ called the?




B. Flop: 3 Community Cards dealt up in front of the dealer.

3) The ‘Turn’ refers to which card dealt up in Texas Hold ‘em?

A2nd Card.

B3rd Card.

C4th Card.

C. Turn: Fourth card that comes out in Texas Hold ‘em, after the flop.

4) The fifth and final card dealt up in Texas Hold ‘em is called?

A Rake.

B River.


B. River: Fifth and final card that comes out in Texas Hold ‘em, after the turn.

5) You should continue playing if your first two cards dealt are?

AAny pair.

BTwo Queens or Better.

CBoth of the above.

B. Continue playing with strong starting cards if first two cards are two aces, two kings and/or two queens. Other possible strong starting cards are A-K or A-Q suited.

6) The best ‘position’ in Texas Hold ‘em is?

AThe player who bets first.

BThe third player to bet.

CThe player who bets last.

C. Position: The best position is held by the player who bets last and can survey the other players before making a decision. Therefore, the player who bets first is in the worst position.

7)If you have a ‘Marginal’ hand that may improve, you should?

AFold your hand.

BCheck or Bet small.

CBluff and Go ‘All-In’.

B. ‘Marginal hands’ should be played on the cheap, either by checking or betting small.

8) What does the term ‘Board Cards’ mean in Texas Hold ‘em?

ACards not yet Dealt.

BCommunity Cards in the middle of the table.

CCards held by your opponent when playing Head to Head Poker.

B. Board Cards: Community Cards in the middle of the table shared by all players.

9) What does the term ‘Muck’ mean in Texas Hold ‘em?

ADiscard Pile.

BA bad hand where the player is bluffing.


A. Muck: The name of the discard pile for Poker.

10) What does the term ‘Washing the Cards’ mean in Texas Hold’ em?

ADealer discards the cards for a new deck.

BPlayer requests a new deck.

CDealer blends the cards before a shuffle.

C. Washing the Cards: The dealer blends the deck of cards in a circular motion with both hands before a shuffle.

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