New Jersey Nets Tickets Will The Nets Return To The Nba Finals

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New Jersey Nets tickets have been a popular choice among local sports fans in recent seasons, as the Nets have somewhat-quietly put together a highly-successful run after years of being a complete afterthought on the NBA landscape. Their team is as athletic and entertaining as any in the league, and they’re always a threat to contend for the Eastern Conference title. The Nets are once again an interesting team as we enter the 2006-7 NBA season, and below are some details regarding their prospects for the upcoming season.


The Nets were relatively quiet during the offseason, but they did make a series of small moves to address their offensive struggles from last season. They signed G Eddie House, who is known for his instant offense off the bench. He’s also been known as a defensive liability, but he’s the perfect cure for any team that needs a spark during a game.

The only other move of even minor significance was drafting PG Marcus Williams from Connecticut. Starting PG Jason Kidd is 33, and he started to tire down the stretch last season after logging huge minutes. If Williams can provide some consistency off the bench, he’ll not only keep the Nets rolling on offense but will also give Kidd the opportunity to rest more during the season and remain fresh as the playoffs come around.

Strong Suit

The Nets’ strength is clear, and that’s perimeter scoring. Their “Big Three” of Kidd, Richard Jefferson and Vince Carter are deadly when they’re shooting the ball well, and if they are hitting their jumpers, all three can create big-time problems for opponents with their ability to drive the lane and either finish or dish to an open shooter.

When they are clicking, New Jersey Nets tickets are worth the effort to obtain, as they can provide a highly-entertaining display of basketball. Not to mention, Carter is in his contract year, and although he’s gained a bit of a reputation for being soft and not always playing hard, you can bet he’ll be motivated to cash in on one more huge contract during his career. A motivated Carter should be a scary thought for the rest of the NBA.


Like many other NBA teams, there are a lot of “ifs” regarding the Nets. IF Kidd, Carter and Jefferson, along with talented C Nenad Krstic can stay healthy, the Nets will be a high-scoring team. IF they continue to play decent defense as they did last season, the Nets will be able to overcome those nights when the ball isn’t going in the basket. IF the Nets’ divisional rivals remain a weak group, as only the Celtics look like they’ll be legitimate playoff contenders this season, then the Nets will win their division and get into the playoffs.

However, it doesn’t look like, even if all of these “ifs” work in the Nets’ favor, that they’ll be able to compete with the likes of Miami, Detroit, Cleveland and even Chicago in the Eastern Conference. That proclamation should come with a caveat, however – Carter is as talented as any player on the planet, and if he’s as motivated as most think he will be, he’s good enough to win games almost by himself.

Regardless, New Jersey Nets tickets will definitely allow fans to see one of the most interesting and entertaining teams in the NBA this season.

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