Off Road Rc Cars

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Be it nitro or electronically powered RC cars, you’d still be able to get a good, first hand experience of owning and racing an RC car…or is it a truck, plane or boat? There are quite a few selections and still more choices to choose from because RC toys come in different shapes and sizes.

There are already two choices available for your RC car. You can either run it on or off road but if you want to go the extra mile and add a few rush of adrenaline to your racing experience, you can opt for the off road car, truck or buggy. We all know that RC cars are the most common type among all other RC toys. RC cars are ideal for a typical racer or those who love speed even from just little cars.

But then again, there are still the off-road type of RC vehicles you can try just in case off-roading became a sudden curiosity and interest to you; there are off-road trucks and buggies available. Don’t worry, if you think that off-road RC trucks are limited to electric engines, better think again because these babies are also available in nitro fueled engines. It doesn’t stop there, if you’re a first timer in handling off-road RC trucks, don’t worry, there are ready-made merchandise available in the market as well.

Next are the buggies. What are these things anyway? These are little RC vehicles that can run up to 60mph. Compared to off-road trucks; they are much reliable to be handled by beginners. But that doesn’t make trucks less than any better. The only difference with this type of RC vehicle is that they are only available in nitro kits.

With an off-road RC, you’ll be able to race your car/truck/buggy just about anywhere. These vehicles can still run fast on sand, hills or uneven terrain and will also be able to jump on anything without fuss. Also, if you feel like running a two-wheel RC car, you can easily find off-road RC toys in this version.

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