Field Hockey Camp Develops Skills

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Field hockey is a popular sport that has female athletes all over the country scrambling to learn more. For girls who are very serious about the sport and learning to perfect their moves on the field, there are plenty of field hockey camp opportunities available.

Generally held on college campuses where field hockey is played, these camps are designed to give potential high school and college level players and current ones, too, a serious crash course in training. Offering lots of practice time and special clinics, these camps can be ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about the sport or learn to become better at it.

Field hockey camp offerings generally come in one of two ways: residential and non-residential. The residential camps tend to cost a little more, but offer lodging, generally, on the hosting college campus. This means girls won’t need to be driven to and from camp each day. Non-residential camps are designed for nearby players who can easily make it to daily sessions.

Camps of this nature can do a number of things for potential and current players, including:

* Skill development. This is the ultimate setting for field hockey skill development. With an opportunity for some serious one-on-one attention from qualified coaches, these camps and clinics can take a player and help push her towards her goals.

* Camaraderie. These camps are wonderful for developing friendships among girls who have a passion for the sport in their hearts.

* Discipline. These camps are not for the weak at heart. The idea here is to help serious players hone their skills. Those who are not willing to work shouldn’t apply.

* Scholarship potential. While field hockey is played in high school, it tends to be a big college-level sport. Girls who want to earn scholarships need to show they have the right stuff on the fields. These camps can help them hone the skills to do just that.

* Specialized training. Many of these camps offer special training and clinics for certain positions. There are even all-day camps for goalies only, due to the special skills of this position.

Girls and their parents will find field hockey camps tend to be available at most institutions that field their own teams. From private high school campuses, public schools and even colleges, these camps are favorite summertime activities for many. Before signing on, it’s a good idea to make sure the following is understood:

* Qualifications. Find out who will teach the clinics and what their qualifications are for doing so. Some camps offer high school coaches, others feature college level and beyond.

* Minimum requirements. Some of these camps are designed for advanced players. Make sure the requirements are understood before signing on.

* Session set up. It’s a good idea to be clear on whether a camp is a day one or a residential course.

Field hockey camp can be a great way to help players advance their skills during intense training sessions. While they are a lot of work, many say they’re a whole lot of fun, too.

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