Costa Rica Fishing Fun In Salt And Fresh Water

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Tired of fishing the same old spots year after year? Want to try something a little different, a little more exciting? Then why not consider a quick trip to Costa Rica, where the fishing’s fine and the weather is glorious, the seas are calm and the palms sway in the breeze… okay, but you get the picture, right?

You don’t have to choose whether you fish in salt water or fresh when it comes to Costa Rica, because you can do both! Do you want to fish the Caribbean or the Pacific side of the country? Sandwiched between the base of Mexico and the tip of South America, fishers who come to this fascinating country can do both. That goes for ocean fishing on a rolling deck or fishing on the banks of a wide stream that ribbons through jungle terrain and over waterfalls and lagoons that will beckon to the novice and experienced fisher alike.

Costa Rica offers a wealth of fish for just about every fisherman, including rainbow bass, trout and mullet, as well as marlin, wahoos and tuna. It doesn’t matter where you decide to fish, for you’re bound to catch something. Even if you throw the fish back, visitors enjoy white, sandy beaches, warm winds and sunshine that never quits as an added bonus to their fishing adventures. From Drake Bay to the Gulf of Papagayo, Costa Rican waters delight not only local fishermen, but also anglers from around the world who venture south to test Latin waters. Coves, caves and lagoons offer a wide variety of fresh water fish as well, including snapper and roosterfish.

Fishing vacations in Costa Rica can be arranged for large groups, small groups, individuals or couples. Combining activities will give visitors to this tiny country the most bang for their buck, and can include hiking, volcano exploring, fishing, surfing, canoeing, horseback riding and even 4-wheeling. Visiting both coastlines of the country is a snap, as the country from one side to the other can be reached in about six hours driving time. Many people don’t realize how beautiful or unique Costa Rica is, filled as it is with history, famous landmarks and friendly people. Fishing is not the only great thing about this Latin country, which offers something to delight every age group. Nightlife in San Jos

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