The Art Of Being An Airsoft Sniper Part I

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As the sport of Airsoft continues its surge in worldwide popularity, the number of Airsoft teams and clubs continue to climb as well. These dedicated groups gather as weekend warriors at outdoor venues to participate in sophisticated war games. Dressed in military like fatigues, and armed with replica Airsoft guns, these teams engage in simulated military battles commonly referred to as the Mil-Sim (military simulation).

Of all the role players one can choose to be in these weekend battles, perhaps the most popular of all is the “Sniper”. The Airsoft Sniper is often referred to as the Lone Wolf or Rouge of Airsoft. This is the gamer that wants to place himself in the perfect hidden location in order to eliminate the opposing players in a deadly ambush. Although a popular identity among Airsoft warriors, few players have mastered the skill of becoming a feared and effective “Super Sniper”.

The first step in becoming a successful Super Sniper begins with having the right equipment! This begins by choosing the Sniper’s most important accessory-the sniper rifle. The goal of the Sniper is to be able to shoot the enemy from long distances, therefore his rifle does not need to be fully automatic or even semi-automatic. A well built spring-action rifle is usually the choice. The spring sniper rifle must be one of the more powerful models in order to shoot from long distances with great accuracy. It is also important to keep in mind that the most powerful weapon the Sniper has is his stealth or the ability to stay hidden. The spring action sniper rifles are much quieter than the electric automatic rifles.

One of the most recommended spring sniper rifles is the Super 9 Bolt Action Airsoft sniper rifle. This great Airsoft gun is made by UHC, which is widely recognized as one of the premier manufacturers of spring guns.

Perhaps the next most important piece of equipment for the secretive Super Sniper is his riflescope. The ability to see long distances with accuracy is critical to his success. Often the original equipment scope does not fulfill this requirement and an upgrade is needed. A minimum 4×32 power scope is the desired measure.

The successful Sniper has also mastered the art of military camouflage. Without proper clothing the Sniper is doomed to failure. It is essential for him to be undetected by the opposing teams. Investing in a “ghillie” or camouflage suit is critical to maximum concealment from enemy patrols and other snipers. This suit is made from a central binding layer and loose strips of material designed to break up the shape of the human body. Super Snipers typically customize their suits by adding plant-matter or rolling in the dirt or mud in order to deaden color contrasts. With the potential for wearing this suit a long time during battles, comfort is a premium.

One of the great mistakes of the amateur sniper is running out of ammunition. As simple as this may seem, this is a common mishap due to the underestimated length of many Airsoft skirmishes. Many a sniper meets his demise as he emerges prematurely from his secret hideout at the most inopportune time in order to retrieve more pellets. You will always find the wise Super Sniper well stocked with plenty of ammo!

Understanding the role and choosing the right equipment will help the Airsoft warrior to be well on his way to becoming a Super Sniper.

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