Why Should You Go For A Non Explosive Airsoft Grenade

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This Is For Real

The realism of the popular Airsoft war games played by the big boys is catching on. Everything they use is so realistic -from the sounds of the guns to their protective gear. The game is played in a predetermined area where there is enough room for a war stage. In this game there are two teams vying for the most hits, and the capture of the flag.

Explosives may or may not be allowed, depending on the airsoft site; in the war games using explosives, the players use grenades that spit out pellets similar to real shrapnel. They also use flashbangs that emit loud sounds and very bright lights, to distract and disorient the enemy. A favorite device is the airsoft grenade.

Toxic Gas?

The non-explosive airsoft grenade spews paintballs, water, or pellets instead of producing deafening explosions. The first airsoft grenade had flaws with the ring pull fuses, and could not be thrown very far. It also used gas, which was toxic.

The advancements of the newer airsoft grenade include better ring pull fuses. These can be thrown much further. Players can now use the stick type grenades for more realism. In addition, the airsoft grenade uses less toxic smoke; this is a lot better than the naval rescue smoke grenade, which was not intended for inhalation.

The Safer Airsoft Grenade

The newer airsoft grenade is tougher and biodegradable. Instead of filling the grenades with paint balls, the new grenade is filled with dry peas. It also gives a painful sting with a direct hit, so it works just as fine as pellets-filled grenades.

The toy soldiers prefer the green smoke powered grenades because it provided good cover during an encounter. To reduce the toxicity of the green smoke, a cooling mechanism was incorporated into the airsoft grenade. This helps eliminate a higher percentage of toxic smoke. Still this should be a concern the frequency of exposure to the smoke.

There are safer alternatives to the smoke grenade. Players can use the airsoft grenade launchers. These are usually made of 100% metal. To use the launcher, a grenade shower of 18 or 120 round mock shells, or shell foam slug is attached to the unit. The newest airsoft grenade launcher is modeled after the M922A1, which is used to train gunners.

Have Safe Fun

Young boys can use the newer and safer airsoft grenade. This can be thrown further without the use of a grenade launcher. Adding an airsoft grenade and launcher to their arsenal, they can add variety to their war games, and have an edge over their opponents.

They can also use the airsoft grenade launchers like the M203 to rain pellets or fog the area with green gas. There are several versions of the grenade launchers; one model can spew 1,224 rounds of 6mm pellets with astonishing speeds, about 3 seconds.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Parents should be careful about giving their children airsoft grenade launchers and other war game toys. These look like the real thing, and can be used irresponsibly. If children are given the privilege to have these toys, they must be oriented on their proper use.

Players should follow precautions. They should never shoot at opponents without protective goggles; and instead of smoke grenades, they should go for pellet grenades to avoid the toxic fumes.

In this game, the target is to win, not to be sorry one day.

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