Preparing The Self For A Triathlon Race

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Swim, run, bike…and brag for the rest of your life!

And for one aspiring to become a competitor in a triathlon, he must not only do all that on the spot, he must do it over and over again months before he starts the race. And that is what we call “preparation”.

The first junction in preparing for a triathlon race is to muster all the courage, will and power that you have to be able to understand the risks of joining. Once you’re convinced that you can get over the so-called risks then the next best thing you want to do is to pick up the race.

Remember that it is you that will make the choices based on the qualities you know you have. The race you will be choosing must never go beyond your capacities so you can create achievable goals.

Most people in the field have the same strategy that everybody thinks is right. Swim as fast as one can, then bike to hell until the transition stage and pick up the remainder of his will to run the longest miles he has ever run in his lifetime. Those who know better can tell better the difference between making your own techniques and not by living in the paths of those who were proven to be unsuccessful.

You can follow common training processes and develop until you can actually formulate your own. Train and test your mettle. Train until your confidence tells you that you will achieve the achievable. Train but never exhaust yourself.

Be careful not to overstrain yourself though or to get agitated right before the race. This is inevitable but anyone can atleast minimize the doom these might inflict. Never loose sight of your faith in yourself during the competition because you bargain to believe more on pessimistic thoughts. There is never coexistence between faith and fear. Be sure that you choose the side that will cause you to win. One wrong decision will cause your self-belief to flicker. In a game of endurance, faith and will power will tell it all.

Preparation of the self includes prayers, visualizations, and of course the ritual of setting up gears and all other necessary equipments.

Crack dumb jokes if you need to or go with the flow of the tension. Daydream with the starting stages of the race and enjoy the scenery. While going your way through hell on the second junction, try to concentrate on the competition. On the last leg, chant over and over again that “it’s already too late to quit”.

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