Everyone Can Do Ballet

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I have always believed that ballet is not only for girls, not only for the rich, and not only for the upper-class, prissy, elite members of society, as most would like to think. Ballet is really for everyone. And come to think of it, this opinion is not confined only to me. There are many others, dance and ballet authorities even, who have stated similar thoughts and ideas themselves.

It may surprise you to learn that several people (whom you wouldn’t expect to be involved in ballet) can also relate positively to ballet. For example, pro golfer Kris Tschetter has said in an interview that she has danced ballet in her high school years and took it up again a few years back because it helps her get into shape and develop her concentration. Here’s an even stranger example. The Diablo Ballet Company in Contra Costa, CA was founded by engineers, who wanted a place to become involved with this fine art. Engineering and ballet have something in common, they say, since both use structural dynamics.

You see? Anybody can study ballet; all they need is the determination to learn and keep going. In today’s world, people’s awareness of leading a good and healthy lifestyle has also lead many to studying ballet. The ballet barre, or warm-up exercises to the uninitiated, provides people with an extensive routine that gets all the muscles in your body warm and working. As well as excellent cardiovascular exercises, ballet helps develops strength and flexibility in all the major muscle groups of the body.

You have to keep in mind, though, that ballet cannot be hurried; the learning and the benefits that come along with it involves a gradual process. Enrolling in ballet classes and expecting major results after a week or so will just leave you frustrated and disappointed. But just have patience and attend your classes regularly, then without knowing it, you’ll suddenly find yourself able to do something you weren’t able to do before. Each class develops your body slowly but surely, adding incremental changes and improvements, until you can suddenly see and feel these changes.

But the benefits of ballet is not only restricted to the physical; it’s also good for your mental health. Studying ballet requires you to have strong focus and concentration, where you will have to let go of all your other extraneous thoughts. After classes, your mind will return to its normal mode, but you will sense a clearer and more refreshed view of the world. Some friends have confided in me that this particular benefit is the one that keeps them going, despite the difficult exercises. Whenever they go to ballet class with muddled minds and upset emotions, their thoughts and spirits get cleared up and they walk out with a much brighter perspective.

All you really need is a good pair of ballet slippers, plus a leotard and tights. These will help your teacher observe your body in order to give corrections and recommendations for proper postures and placement. Leave your jewelry at home, though, and if you have long hair, make sure to tie it up and keep it off your face to get a better view and avoid distractions.

So, are you interested yet? What are you waiting for? Go ahead and join your local ballet school today! Chances are there’s a good ballet school or two in your area, with specialized courses for beginners. Some fitness centers and gyms also offer ballet classes for those who are interested. Most of them will allow you to observe a class first, or you could just enroll as a drop-in student. This way, you can get a feeling of the atmosphere of a ballet class and of what’s in store for you. You can also decide if you feel comfortable with the teacher and the other students. Once you find a class you feel comfortable in, you’re on your way to having a good start in ballet.

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