World Series Recap Mlb Tickets To A Surprising World Series

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Wow – who knew that MLB tickets to the 2006 World Series would be entrance to such a surprise result? The Cardinals beat the Tigers, and the “Fall Classic” only lasted five games. No one predicted that result, and most still can’t believe that the underdog Cardinals could dispatch the mighty, heavily-favored Tigers so quickly.

Well, guess what? That’s exactly what the Cardinals did, and they are the deserved champions this season. This was a team that was openly ridiculed on sports radio and in columns around the country, being called such things as a “AAAA team” and the like. So how did they do it? Let’s look at a few reasons below.


If you’re going to win the World Series, you need to have strong pitching all the way through your staff. Starters throw on short rest and the games are managed more closely, which means that more pitchers play on any given night. The Cardinals got strong starts from Chris Carpenter and even the one losing pitcher in the series, Jeff Weaver. The Tigers hit .199 in the series, and closer Adam Wainwright was unhittable.

Guys Stepping Up

It seems that most World Series champions have at least one guy step up and play beyond the level he displayed over the course of the regular season and his career. In 2006, those guys for the Cardinals were World Series MVP David Eckstein, who got eight hits in his last 11 plate appearances, and Scott Rolen and Yadier Molina were big throughout the series.

Tigers Mistakes

The Tigers were the big bully coming into the series, and they were rolling along after dominating the AL playoffs. They had everything going, and MLB tickets in Detroit hadn’t been that popular since 1984, the last time the Tigers won the World Series. They were hitting, pitching and playing solid defense.

That’s why their mistakes throughout the series were so surprising. The most damaging aspect of them was that they came late in games and at the worst possible times. One mistake alone can cost a team the World Series, as the margin of error in these games is as small as it gets. That’s why throwing errors from the pitchers and booting ground balls against a team like the scrappy Cardinals is something that just can’t happen, and it did.

Great Season

Take nothing away from the Cardinals, however – they earned their title, and they’re worthy champions. The Tigers had an unbelievable year overall as well. They came from nowhere and nearly won the whole thing.

Overall, it’s been an outstanding season, and MLB tickets have never offered more entertainment.

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