Mountain Bikes And Their Parts

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There are many parts that help make a mountain bike. By learning more about these parts, you can become a better rider.

Mountain bikes are an essential bicycle if you are interested in riding down or up some hills or other varied terrain. There are many parts that make mountain bikes able to handle this kind of riding and they are listed below:

1. Crank – This lever goes from the pedal to the bottom bracket. It is what transfers the power from you to the chain rings so that you go, go, go!

2. Chain – This is the circular links that helps to transfer your power to the cogs.

3. Chain ring – This is the rings with teeth that hold the chain in place. They are attached to the crank.

4. Bottom Bracket – This is what is attached from the bike’s body to the crankset.

5. Handlebar – This is the horizontal bar with handgrips that is attached to the stem. This is how you steer the bicycle.

6. Saddle – The seat of the bicycle where you sit.

7. Pedal – This is the platform that you place your feet on to pedal the bicycle. It is attached to the crank.

8. Hub – This is the central part of the wheel that is where the spokes are attached.

9. Nipple – This part holds the rims and spokes together.

10. Brake lever – This is the handlebar lever that controls the brakes. The right lever controls the rear brake and the left lever controls the front brake.

11. Brake cable – This is a cable that connects the mechanism of the brakes with the brake levers.

12. Rim – This metallic ring keeps the spokes and tire separated.

13. Headset – This part connects the handlebars with the stem’s front fork.

14. Down tube – This frame section goes from the bottom bracket to the stem.

15. Front shock – This is the front fork’s shock absorber.

16. Idler pulley – This is the pulley that is on the bottom part of the rear derailleur. It helps to keep the chain as tight as possible by apply spring tension.

17. Rear shock – This is the rear tire’s shock absorber on the dual suspension bicycles.

18. Spokes – These are the thick wires that are attached to the rim and hub of the wheel.

19. Spindle – This is an axle that is freely rotating. It is attached to the crank arms.

20. Skewer – This is the part that attaches the wheel to the frame. It is composed of a metallic rod that runs through the wheel hub.

21. Wheel hub – This is the center of the wheel that is connect to the spokes.

22. Stem – This is the part that attaches the steering tube and the handlebars to enable you to steer the bicycle.

23. Seat post – This part supports the seat/saddle.

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