Mountain Bike Accessories That You Need

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For beginning mountain bikers, they may find it very overwhelming to visit a bicycling store to purchase their first bike. Even after reading mountain bike reviews, once you go into the store and check out the many different accessories and bikes that are offered, it can overwhelm you very easily.

You can buy many different mountain bike accessories and products. Salespeople usually work by commission, so they will most likely try to encourage you to buy quite a bit of items that you may not necessarily need. That is why it is important to set a budget so that you are able to determine what is most important to you and what you really need to begin your mountain biking journey. Here are a few things that are essential in mountain biking.


This is the thing that is most important to purchase for mountain biking. If you will not wear a helmet, then you do not need to be riding a bike. Many bike riders have received serious head injuries just because they will not wear a helmet. You will find that mountain bike helmets can be quite stylish, comfortable, and you will see that everyone else who is riding the trails is wearing a bike helmet.


Your hands can get quite irritated while mountain biking, no matter what time of the year it may be. If you are a beginner, then you may find that you grip the handlebars quite tightly, which can irritate your hands. If you happen to crash, then you will see that your hands are the first thing that will probably come into contact with the ground. By wearing mountain bike gloves, you will be helping to protect your hands.


You will find that mountain biking can be very uncomfortable to your bottom. Mountain bike shorts can help to keep your bottom from getting quite as sore. Your body and bottom will get used to the riding, but the mountain bike shorts will help your body until it grows accustomed to the riding.


Mountain bike shoes are chosen according to what type of bike pedals you have and what type of bike riding that you do. If your bike uses clipless pedals, then you will need to choose shoes that will work well with your bike pedals. Comfort and durability are the main goals in mountain bike shoes and if you need more power, you will want to have a stiff sole on them for more efficient pedaling.

Protecting Your Eyes

If something gets in your eye, then you cannot see the trail to ride on. By wearing clear-lensed protective glasses or sunglasses, you can help keep the dirt, wind, and debris from your eyes. Make certain that you choose glasses that are non-breakable for maximum use.

Hydrating Yourself

Keeping yourself hydrated is very important. By carrying a water hydration backpack or water bottle, you can help keep yourself from becoming dehydrated. Then you will be able to have more energy and stamina.

If you do not have the proper kit to repair your bike, then you can become stuck on the trail if you have a problem. For maximum safety, it is important to have a bike-repair multi-tool, a patch kit for flat tires, and tire levers. Being prepared can help to keep you safe.

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