Get In Touch With Nature With Wind Chimes

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There is truly nothing more relaxing than listening to the soothing sounds of a wind chime while you garden on a glorious summer morning. Imagine the soft feel of the wind as it whispers across your skin. The warmth of the sunlight dancing through the leaves. The sweet aroma of the earth blended with the aromatic scents of nature. The melodic sound of wind chimes harmonizing with the bird song. Wind chimes are not only beautiful to look at but they also add more than just visual appeal to your garden.

The tones and vibrations of wind chimes can help to calm the mind, soothe your nerves and release all of the stress that may have built up throughout the week. As you plunge into your garden and revel in the ability to connect with the earth, the soothing sounds of your chimes tinkling in the breeze may also help you to connect with your inner spirit. For centuries, wind chimes have been used for decoration as well as many other uses. Feng Shui even makes use of wind chimes for numerous cures, believing that the soothing sounds created by wind chimes can cure and restore the soul.

In the North, Northwest and West, metal wind chimes are an excellent choice while wood chimes work well in the South, Southeast and East. According to Feng Shui, you can choose the number of rods according to the type of cure you desire. For example, 4, 6,7, 8 or 18 rods may be used for luck.

With numerous styles and materials to choose from, you can be sure to find a set of windchimes that will enhance your garden or porch area while soothing your mind and body. Select chimes with stained glass decoration or a set of chimes that reflects something whimsical and unique. The choice is yours. If you prefer something that is more traditional, opt for a simple set of bamboo chimes for a bit of Asian flair.

Installing your wind chimes is quite easy, regardless of the location you select. If you intend to hang your chimes from your porch, you will need to use a simple set of C shaped hooks that will screw into the ceiling. Really, any type of hook can be utilized and there are many choices at your local hardware store. The main concern is to make sure it is strong enough to support your set of chimes. Choose a location where your chimes will have freedom of movement and not be obstructed. If you prefer, you might also choose fancy hangers that will stick up from the ground and allow you to place your chimes out in the open. Ideally, if you plan to hang your chimes out in the open, select a location where they will not be subjected to overly strong winds; however.

If you want to add a new level to your outdoor gardening experience, there is no better way to get into touch with yourself and with nature than with a relaxing and soothing set of wind chimes.

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