Triathlon Training Program

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Training program is largely dependent on the character of the person undergoing it. The type will be dictated by the experiences the trainee has had, the level of performance he gives and can give, the body physique and a number of others.

It will definitely start with a comprehensive plan that will focus on your strength and weakness to develop both of them, one to avoidance and the other to ways that will maximize it.

A good plan is never good enough if it cannot even start. You have to visit first your physician to know the general applications you might do with your body. The adjustments in diet, habits and lifestyles and the extent of use you can endure.

Once a check-up is done, the next best thing you can do is to seek the intervention of a professional trainer (if you are planning to take triathlon a lifestyle). If you’ re not, you can always become a weekend warrior and train whenever it pleases you.

Train on your weak sports and give your best shots on your forte. Training must be gradual and so you must expect a gradual change. No winners won because they sacrificed overnight. In fact, the best triathlon athletes train years before they achieve the Iron Man title. It is always that way, there are no quick fixes to achievements.

Training on any of the fields is recommended to be performed by joining a crowd. This practice won’t only help you gather helpful tips and first hand information but will also adapt you to the similar environment during the race.

The equipments need not always be top of the line. The technology used in developing them will surely help you gain your advantages yet these don’t always tell it all. Often, everything lies on your skills and the products of your hard works as produced from your training program.

When off training, making situations like those that resemble your training periods would prove to be good extensions of your training momentum. This will help optimize your race-like attitude. You may also practice transitions and brick training in here to create an environment for your body to get used to.

A training program does not only include training for the race itself. It also integrates plans after the competition. Usually, this involves recovery period that should be planned systematically since most competitors receive muscle injuries due to rigid training and harsh experiences during the competition

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