Tennis Without The Lawn

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Table tennis, also known as Ping Pong is a sport that can be played indoors and outdoors as long as the designated table divided by a net is present and outdoor conditions are ideal to play. But generally, table tennis is an indoor sport. The basics of the game involve two or four players hitting a ball back and forth to each with the use of paddles. If you have seen a professional table tennis match you’ll be awed by the quick reflexes the players have.

Sometimes you can’t even follow the ball’s movement due to the fast plays. Expert players can even hit the ball in such a way that it creates a spin to the ball which makes the bounce hard to predict. But these professional athletes have such quick reflexes that they have quick reaction time allowing them to confidently hit and return the ball to the opponent.

As you probably have seen in sporting events as well as in the movies, table tennis is a big hit in East Asia particularly in China where a lot of great players come from. In China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, table tennis called Ping Pang Qiu while in Japan it is called Takkyu and in Korea the sport is referred to as Tak-ku.

To give you an idea how quick reaction should be, during plays involving Olympiads, the ball speed has been measured to reach a speed of 112.5 kilometers per hour or 69.9 miles per hour. This speed is pretty hard to follow especially on a small table of only 274 cm

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