Arizona Cardinals Tickets Keep Using Them As This Team Is On The Rise

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Arizona Cardinals tickets were selling like hot cakes before the 2006 season, as expectations had not been this high for this perennially-disappointing team in a long time. The roster was young and talented, the coach was a proven winner and the new stadium was, and continues to be, an attraction in and of itself. However, the Cardinals have struggled this season, leading many to believe that this team will never really turn it around, and given their record, one could see how this argument could be made.

However, things are not nearly as bleak as they seem in Arizona, and below we’ll examine some factors that will indicate that despite their record this season, the Cardinals are still headed in the right direction, and any of the forthcoming seasons could be the one where they simply explode onto the scene.

Franchise QB

It’s beginning to look like many of the 10 teams who passed on QB Matt Leinart will live to regret that decision. After nominal starter Kurt Warner was replaced by the talented rookie, the Cardinals began to display a whole new attitude. Leinart is not a guy who will blow people away with a rocket arm, 4.4 speed or enormous size.

What sets Leinart apart are his intangibles. He’s extremely intelligent. He knows how to win, as was proven with his sterling record at USC. He’s a leader, and anyone who watches the Cardinals can see how the offensive players respond to his persona. If you’re going to build a winning team in the NFL, it often starts with a franchise QB, and that’s exactly what the Cardinals have for the first time in a generation. Leinart by himself will continue to create demand for Arizona Cardinals tickets, as he’s going to win in the NFL just as he did in college.

Overall Talent

When a team loses for as many seasons as the Cardinals have, one could reasonably assume that they simply don’t have any good players, or at least not enough of them to compete at a high level with regularity. That’s simply not the case in Arizona. One look at their roster will reveal that the team is loaded at WR with Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, has a proven RB in Edgerrin James and plenty of talent on the defensive side of the ball. The players are already there, but it’s up to management and the coaches to put it all together.

Youthful Improvement

The Cardinals also have a team filled with young players who will only continue to get better with time. On defense, recent high draft picks such as Antrelle Rolle and Darnell Docket have flashed big play ability and still have upside to reach. On offense, players such as rookie Deuce Lutui are adding talent where the team needs it most – on the offensive line.

Unfortunately, given a series of crushing losses during the 2006 season, it appears that Coach Dennis Green may not be back next season. That’s unfortunate, because whoever coaches this team next year and beyond is going to be grabbing a potential tiger by the tail. The Cardinals have talent, a franchise QB, youth and upside, and that combined with a stunning new facility will make Arizona Cardinals tickets worth the effort of obtaining in coming seasons.

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