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For the very best experiences when you bow hunt, you need to pay special attention to the weight of the arrows you wish to use as well as how stiff the shaft should be in order to work the best with the draw weight and the length of the arrows you are using. It isn’t always a good idea to use the lightest and fastest arrows available because they can actually cause damage to your bow. Light arrows and heavy arrows generally absorb the same amount of energy from the bow but lighter arrows result in the bow vibrating much more, which can result in damage to it.

The Archery Manufacturer’s Organization, known as AMO recommends the standard minimum weight for an arrow to be six grains for each pound of the bow’s maximum draw weight. According to this calculation 360 grain arrows should be used with a 60 pound bow. Keep in mind that heavy hunting arrows weigh approximately 8 – 10 grains per pound. If you want more speed then use lighter arrows of only 5 grains per pound, but don’t use anything lighter than that.

The stiffness of the shaft is very important because of the pull and release methods used when the arrows leave the bow. Finger release arrows offer oscillations that are called paradox that begin the moment the string leaves your fingers. This is why you have to bend the shaft of the arrow at precisely the right moment in order to get it to pass the bow without hitting the riser. To get the best flight for your arrows, the shafts have to be a good match for your bow and for your personal style of releasing them. Mechanical release bows contain less flex with most of it being up and down movements. This will allow you to be able to use a wider range of arrows with different shaft stiffness and still have it fly well. For more info see http://www.deerelkhunting.com/locations/Hunting-Wyoming.html

Another important issue that you need to consider is point weight because it relates to the stiffness of the arrows, especially if you are using a bow where the arrow is released with your fingers. Make sure you determine the broad head weight you will need for what you are hunting before you buy any arrows. It is also a good idea to practice with field object that are going to be of a similar weight.

If you are going to hunt whitetail deer then chances are you will be shooting from approximately 20 yards away. Most medium weight arrows can handle this distance without any trouble. Remember that heavier arrows require you to be more accurate but the shot will be quieter as well as penetrate the animal deeper. Lightweight arrows are perfect for practicing, but they are best left unused unless you have excellent vision and normally hunt at a distance of 25 yards or more. Choosing the right arrows for bow hunting involves looking at your style, the type of bow you use, and trying out various types of arrows to find those that work best for you.

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