Model Boat Covers

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Radio Control Boats

Like regular boat racing, remote control boat racing offers some real excitement to the modeling enthusiast. Keeping a well maintained model boat in top condition takes a lot of effort and dedication but the rewards are plenty. A well maintained model boat will run longer, and win more races then a poorly maintained boat. Radio Control boats come in many sizes and types. Most of these model craft are powered by either nitro, or battery. The key to keeping one of these craft in good order starts with proper storage. The key to proper storage is having a good boat cover.

Nitro Vs. Electric

Electric motors require large batteries. These batteries may cost up to $30.00 each and will usually last for 5-6 minutes of racing time. Rechargeable Batteries will require time to cool off prior to being recharged and so running multiple races will usually require keeping extra batteries on hand. Nitro boats on the other hand do not require expensive rechargeable batteries. A 10-12 ounce tank of fuel will last up to 12 minutes in a race. Running additional races requires nothing more then a refilled tank. the only disadvantage to running a model on nitro is the noise made by the motor, which is considerably louder then the noise made by an electric motor.

Model Boat Covers

The easiest way to ensure your model boat stays in good working order is to provide it with a proper cover while it is in storage. Model boat covers are available through most modeling and specialty hobby stores as well as from various online sources. These boat covers may be made from a number of different materials in a variety of grades. These boat covers may be custom made to fit your specific model boat or they may be sold off the shelf in a variety of different sizes and styles. The strongest will protect against mold, mildew, water, Ultraviolet light, and dust. The basic ones will protect against light and moisture. No matter which grade you purchase both will go a long way to ensuring that your model boat lasts for many years to come.

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