Five Tricks To Have A Fun Winter Camping Time

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Camping during the summer season means relaxing under the warmth of the sun, enjoying the scent of summer air and getting pleasurable and refreshing dips in the lake. It’s no wonder there a lot of people who prefer camping during this season.

However, those who couldn’t wait for summer, those who are up for more adventure in the cold or those who just couldn’t get enough of camping go to camping trips even during cold weather or the winter season. And although summer camping may seem the better choice for some people, it doesn’t mean that camping in cold weather cannot be as enjoyable.

There are a few tricks that winter campers do to have the best camping time even in cold weather.

First off, you got to have the right camping gear suitable for winter camping. Equip yourself with the right kind of tent that will give you sufficient protection from the cold. Winter camping tents as well as four season tents are now available in camping gear stores. Also, bring a sleeping bag made of fabrics that are designed to provide you with enough insulation and heat. These are important because they will enable you to get a comfortable night’s sleep that will revitalize you for the next day’s camping activities.

Second, don’t forget to pack adequate and proper cold season clothing. Bring jackets, sweatshirts, hats, gloves, jogging pants and the works. Choose clothing that are made of thick and warm fabric because even though you have a winter tent and the right kind of sleeping bag, of course you have to get out of there at some point. And you don’t want to freeze yourself in the cold.

Third, it would be nice to have hot drinks ready when you want to rid inner body chill. So this means you shouldn’t forget to bring along a portable water heater. A portable water heater is also useful for heating up water for cooking meals and preparing soup. Hot meals are of course more than welcome in time of cold. Aside from that, with a portable water heater, you can have a warm bath which is also pleasant during cold weather.

Fourth, it’s also smart to bring a reliable heater that will provide you with comfortable warmth. Coleman heaters such as the Coleman BlackCat

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