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When the game ping pong, more commonly known as table tennis, gained popularity, enthusiasts of the game also increased in number. Table tennis videos suddenly became a sensation among these new hobbyists and enthusiasts. Demand for table tennis videos all over the world, especially in countries where it is considered a major sport increased tremendously, prompting the creation and production of these highly demanded products.

Various sports and athletic stores now offer table tennis videos which could range from videos of world championship games, European championships, Olympic competitions, World Cup games, to simple instructional demonstration videos, or clips of previous games.

Internet sites are also capitalizing in the increasing popularity of these table tennis videos by offering them online, complete with screenshots and preview clips so interested people can easily buy them. Others produce these videos by either downloading and recording entire games, and selling them to interested buyers, while some others sell videos as clips, taken from the original video recording, without the unnecessary video footages.

One site offers coaching videos, profiles of table tennis players on videos, and current and previous table tennis events in video. A fun site offers table tennis videos which include collections of television commercials with table tennis theme, movies and television shows which featured table tennis, cartoon clippings of table tennis games and even music inspired by the game is included in this fun collection.

One internet site which offers quality and legitimate table tennis videos is http://tabletennisvideos.com. The site offers a catalog of high-quality table tennis competition videos and game highlights compiled in DVDs. A partner of Reflex Sports Production, this group is exclusively authorized by the International Table Tennis Federation to cover World Championship events until 2007 and produce table tennis videos.

This internet site has received excellent testimonials and comments from their patrons because of their efficient service in handling video orders. The table tennis videos they offer has been known to show entire game events, while deleting the downtime in between matches. Selling in more than 60 countries around the world, their highlight DVDs are highly in-demand in the market today.

They launched these series in 1991 with the first highlight DVD, “The Wonderful and Wacky World of Table Tennis”, an hour long compilation showing the best and most humorous game moments from various world competitions from the period 1985 to 1990. A sequel, entitled “More from the Wonderful World of Table Tennis” quickly followed, which covered the 1991 to 1994.

The most recent table tennis video highlight is entitled “Table Tennis Beyond Imagination!”, covering all the best game clips, shots, and points in the game of table tennis from 1985 to the year 2000.

Other widely selling table tennis videos are game videos based on the real game. Some are simulation games, like Xbox 360 game Rockstar Game Table Tennis. The game can be played by a single player, or by multiple players. The table tennis video game has received wide acceptance due to its simplicity, style and graphics.

It has eleven characters which a player (or players) could choose from. However, its critics say it lacks important features such as the ability to create players and other elements found in most modern video games.

Pong, the 1972 Atari video game is based entirely on the game of table tennis. The game was considered to the be the world’s first video arcade game.

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